VonShef Premium Jug 600W Blender & Grinder with 1.5L Glass Jug


This VonShef Premium Jug 600W Blender review will show why it is a must have for a modern kitchen. One of the best blenders on the market, it is definitely a creation that recognizes the modern day kitchen needs and meets them in the most efficient and effortless way possible without posing any danger to the users.

VonShef Premium Jug 600W Blender & Grinder with 1.5L Glass Jug

With its powerful 600W motor and a strong cutting blade that is made of stainless steel, the blender makes chopping, dicing and pulsing food very easy and effortless. This makes the preparation of a variety of food such as sauces, soups and smoothies simple.

It also features a large glass, 1.5 litres in volume, which is ideal for both solids and liquids. The glass jar is detachable making it very convenient when it comes to using it and also cleaning it.

VonShef blender comes with a free grinder attachment. The grinder is ideal for grinding coffee beans, spices, herbs, bread crumbs, nuts and lots of other food ingredients that require grinding.

The blender is highly versatile. This can be properly explained by its wonderful ice crush function. It is now easier to impress your guests and family by serving them your own home-made cocktails especially when hosting parties.

The way the blender is designed makes it look absolutely fabulous. Its stainless steel body makes it look very stylish. Placing it on the kitchen counter adds a fashionable touch to a modern kitchen that is amazing to look at.

The VonShef Premium Jug 600W blender comes with multiple speed settings that serve multiple functions of the blender. For light usage such as with liquids, the blender can be set at a low speed ranging from 1 to 2 while crushing solid ingredients may require a high speed that ranges from 3 to 5. It also has the pulse setting that is ideal for crushing ice and creating short and powerful impulse movements which create several recipes such as soup, sauces and smoothies.

VonShef blender is highly recommended because it is very safe to use it. It is equipped with safety features like non-slip rubber feet which help prevent the blender from slipping. It holds it firm onto the table or kitchen counter. Damages that come with falling can therefore be avoided.

It also has micro switches that are built into the base of the blender meant to prevent it from working before the glass jar is firmly fitted onto it. This is important because exposing the blades as they function can be very dangerous especially in an environment where there are children.

From the above benefits, it’s clear that this is a brand that can be trusted and gives value for money.

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8.7 Awesome

The VonShef Premium Jug 600W Blender and grinder is a must have for a modern kitchen.

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  1. When I read the features of VonShef Premium Jug Blender I have said to myself that this is the one! I bought this for its crushing capability. I also tried to use this for making cocktails and smoothies. It provides a real value for my money. There is no need to hold the machine while it works, very convenient.
    Vonshef Premium Blender even looks smart inside my kitchen. Indeed brilliant product to own with the not so hefty price tag. 🙂

  2. This looks like a really useful machine. I am impressed with the grinder function, this would be just right for coffee. The 1.5 l capacity is very handy too and is perfect for making smoothies. At under £30, this looks like a great buy and a welcome addition to any kitchen.

  3. Seems like a good deal, it can easily chop up nuts, fruits and make a smoothie fast. Looks a bit like my old blender, settings wise, which I can’t complain about, all you really need in a blender. The 1.5l of capacity won’t hurt either, great to use when making smoothies, especially for more than one person. Thanks for the review, I’ll consider buying it!

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