VonShef Premium Digital Soup Maker Machine & Smoothie Maker


The Vonshef soup maker is the ultimate kitchen device when it comes to soup making. The Vonshef digital soup maker is a great convenience as it enables you to make delicious and healthy soup within thirty minutes.

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Using ingredients of your choice, the Vonshef soup maker will enable you, in just a few steps to serve your family and friends different types of fresh soup flavors right from your kitchen. All you simply do is cook, blend and then serve.

To prepare your favorite soup, all you need to do is add your vegetables and seasoning to the Vonshef soup maker bowl. The bowl is large enough as it has a capacity of 1.7L. – Big enough to make enough soup for the family. You can get smooth soup in just 20 minutes, while those who prefer a chunky and hearty soup, you should give it at least 30 minutes.

Why You Should Buy the Vonshef Premium Digital Soup Maker Machine and Smoothie Maker

  • You can create the best homemade soup and smoothies using fresh ingredients
  • Its versatile functions enables one to use it to prepare several types of meals
  • Large bowl capacity of 1.7L. This increases the amount of soup that can be prepared at a go.
  • It has several safety setting including a built in micro switch to prevent accidents and spills.

The Vonshef soup maker is not just a soup maker as it can be used for a variety of functions including blending, pulsing and cooking. Some of its other uses include;

  • Boiling rice
  • Steaming eggs
  • Making cocktails, smoothies and sauce
  • Crushing ice
  • Reheater
  • Boiler
  • Cooker

For easy serving, it has a detachable jar. Additionally, its sleek finish with modern and easy to use controls make it the ideal complement to your kitchen. When it comes to cleaning, you should not worry as it comes with a complimentary brush and scrub

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The Vonshef soup maker is the ultimate kitchen device when it comes to soup making.

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  1. Wow, so what I’m getting from this review is that not only can you blend fruits and vegetables for smoothies/soups, but you can cook foods as well? This is pretty much a one step process for soups then, am I right? You just blend the ingredients and wait for this machine to heat it up so you can serve the family! That’s pretty neat and I’ve never really heard of any other device doing that! I love soups and I’m very interested in the multiple features it has including the “steaming eggs” part. Thanks for the review!

  2. This is amazing! Thank you for doing this review, I will absolutely be buying this! I am an awful cook, so tools that make cooking simple and straightforward are perfect for me! The fact that it can do smoothies is a bonus, as we have a very crappy blender that is on it’s last legs. I will have to share this with my local cooking group! We get together and do soups for the freezer, so this will be a perfect addition!

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