Philips HD4671/20 Review – Brushed Metal Energy Efficient Kettle


Philips HD4671/20 Kettle Review

  • Energy Efficient Kettle: Energy saving up to 66%
  • Satin-finish stainless steel outer casing
  • Removable, washable water filter
  • Overheating and dry running protection
  • 3000 watts / 1.7 liters

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After we already have some equipment of this type behind us , I come to the conclusion that the Philips HD4671/20 is really very good.

The operation is very simple – as with almost all devices in this way, but the handling may already be very different. The large filling opening is great and you can even without – the otherwise very easy to open lid – fill with water. It’s also great that the pouring without dripping is possible on the nose. An external water level indicator enables simplest just enough water to fill as is actually needed.

Granted – this Philips HD4671/20 kettle is not easy , but it is during filling and pouring wonderful in the hand. Due to the higher power ( for some unknown reason is mentioned on our device only 2,500 watts ) is the time to boiling quite short. It’s also great that when it reaches the boiling point of the boiler shuts down . Our previous model was cooking here much longer, which has consumed a lot of energy and also produced a lot of steam .

The turning is very easy to do with the big lever and can with the same hand , as has just kept the cooker , take place . The lighting is clear enough to the heating process also can visually perceive .

It’s also nice that the Philips HD4671/20 does not “loud” noise on heating , as we already had this in previous devices , are of themselves. No hissing or whistling, only the heating and boiling noises , then when the water boils .

Buy the Philips HD4671/20 Brushed Metal Energy Efficient Kettle on Amazon!

We are definitely on this Philips HD4671/20 Kettle completely satisfied.

7.7 Well made
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  1. This is a great kettle. The level indicator on the outside is very accurate and allows you to fill exactly what you need. The pouring without dripping is a nice feature. The stainless steel design is durable and easy to clean for a brand new look even after many uses. This kettle also comes with a removable/washable water filter that filters out even the smallest impurities allowing for a clean, crisp taste no matter what you use the water for. This kettle is energy efficient, the boiler will shut down when this kettle gets to it’s boiling temperature.

  2. I’ve been in the market for an electric kettle for a while and haven’t settled on one, so I found this review helpful. It would be nice to have a temperature gauge for brewing teas that require a temperature below boiling, but otherwise this product sounds like a good choice. I appreciate the energy-efficiency and ease of pouring.

  3. It’s really elegant in design with that metal finish that could fit into any kitchen. A real showcase unit that is nice to have around when visitors arrive to give a neat look to things. And energy efficiency is a must these days – but it’s good to know it gets to boiling point nice and quickly! And the no drip just rounds out the features!

  4. Love the sleek look. I have always preferred a kettle type over a drip or one cup maker any day. It’s something nostalgic about it i guess.

  5. My dad has this kettle, actually. He hasn’t had it for too long, but it has been a great addition to the other little things he has hanging around in the kitchen, for sure! It’s very nice to look at, and we haven’t seen the slightest amount of leakage. You can really use it to pour any kind of liquid, not just hot things. The little temperature gauge is very useful, because it gives you absolute control of your drinks. I haven’t seen too many kettles with that specific addition. 😮

  6. I have previously spent a lot on expensive kettles. I spent a lot on an expensive delonghi kettle before settling for this that was noisy and fell apart. This kettle on the other hand is quiet, quick to use, it looks great and offers great value too.

  7. I have been looking to replace my old Bodum kettle. This one seems to have more features than my old one had. I like the no-drip and easy pour features. I also appreciate that it is not as noisy as other kettles.

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