The Multi-Purpose JML Rapido 8-in-1 Blender and Juicer


The JML Rapido Blender and Juicer is an ergonomically designed blender and juicer that ensures a consistent mixture every time. The Rapido blender comes equipped with a powerful motor that is not only efficient, but is also very compact and stylish. It is a perfect kitchen equipment that whips, blends, mixes, grates, grinds, chops, and extracts juice in a matter of few seconds. This slim and aesthetically designed juicer and blender can fit easily on any kitchen counter top making your daily tasks extremely effortless. This blender can be easily stored and requires very little space.

JML Rapido 8-in-1 Blender and Juicer


This unique, chic and compact blender comes as a 21-piece set comprising of all the required attachments, which also includes the storage lids and cups for serving and storage. The storage lids are a great feature to have in a blender where in you can blend or extract the juice and store them in the refrigerator for later use. The containers can even be used to re-heat. The storage containers are perfect to make and store baby food. Even a cumbersome task of chopping garlic or herbs can be effortlessly done within 10 seconds with the one touch pulse operation.

The powerful blades cuts and blends with equal consistency, a feature that is lacking in a lot of other blenders. You can expect smooth and pulp free smoothies every time. The blades are ideal for cutting nuts, vegetables and fruits with a consistent speed.

The small cup can be used for chopping small quantities of herbs, nuts or even spices. It can be closed with the lid and stored in the refrigerator for later use. For large quantities of smoothies, soups and juice you can use the food processing jar. According to the job you can change the blades from four to the six blade system for the ease of cooking; making it an ideal blender for everyday use.


The 230W JML Rapido 8-in-1 Blender and Juicer comes with a flat blade, a cross blade, a tall cup of 500ml, a small cup of 300 ml, four serving cups with lids, two stay fresh tops for storage, a 1,250ml jug for blending along with a lid, an extractor and plunger, steamer tops, shaker tops and a guide book of recipes.


This versatile blender cum juicer is an ideal kitchen companion that makes your cooking stress free. Chopping, grinding, mixing, blending and whipping can be a cumbersome job, but not anymore; with this all-rounder in the kitchen you can rest in peace. You can look ahead to prepare healthy meals for your loved ones as cooking can be a real cakewalk with this unique blender and juicer from JML.

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8.7 Very good

The JML Rapido Blender and Juicer is an ergonomically designed blender cum juicer that ensures a consistent mixture every time.

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  1. JML have a long history of making nifty kitchen gadgets so I’m not surprised to read that this blender is so versatile. Before reading this review, i had no idea that it would chop and shred as well. This looks like a fantastic space-saving option for any kitchen.

  2. I have to say that if you spend a lot of time in a kitchen something like this will sure make it more enjoyable. For those who like to start their morning with an energy drink this blender is absolutely perfect. Just throw in some fruit or vegetable and press a button, very convenient.

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