Kenwood FDP613 Food Processor Review


There is no doubt Kenwood FDP613 food processor is going to do you proud in the kitchen. This model may not be in the upper echelons of its range, but do not allow that to put you off as this is one that can really deliver.

Kenwood FDP613 Food Processor Review

The Basics Of The Model

This Kenwood food processor comes with a 1000w engine, so it is certainly capable of delivering the power that is required for whatever job you have lined up. It also has a 3L capacity, which puts it above other brands in this particular price range where 2.5L or even 2L can often be the norm. It also comes with seven accessories and the tools are made to a very high standard, so cutting, grinding, and slicing are done with absolute ease.

One useful addition with the FDP613, is a mini-bowl which allows you to handle a smaller quantity of food when required. This is an excellent idea as it means that you are guaranteed to get the perfect mix or cut rather than the ingredients being lost in the larger bowl. Overall, this food processor has everything that you need.

The Pros Of This Model

So what are the true positives of owning the Kenwood FDP613 food processor? Well of course you own an item by a well known, and highly respected brand name and that does tend to spell out quality. As was mentioned earlier, the quality of the tools that come with it are second to none and you will be hard pressed to find better for this price. When you then get around to using them you will see the undoubted difference compared to cheaper brands.

This model is sturdy and is very easy to keep clean with anybody being able to disassemble in order to clean every last bit because to be honest you will use it time and time again such is the flexibility of this food processor.

The Cons

No product is perfect and this is no different. However, the only potential downside is that even at 3L this may not be big enough for a small minority. This really is just a case of searching for something negative to say about it as the food processor does what it is intended for and what else do you really need?

Overall there is no doubt that the Kenwood FDP613 food processor is an outstanding piece of kitchen equipment. It is well designed, well built, and functions superbly. The price is also fantastic and when you combine all of this there is no way that you can be disappointed with your purchase.

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Food Processor Buying Guide

Every home has a kitchen and nothing beats the convenience that a helpful implement like a food processor provides. It can do diverse tasks that homeowners normally would heave a deep sigh in doing like chopping, grinding, mincing; as well as slicing, shredding and pureeing.

Multitasking has been the waterloo of every household member that at times results to eating food in restaurants which is found risky even for the healthiest individual. So, what’s with food processors that people like and how can you tell that a particular food processor model is best to use?

Since many of us are aware that there are electric powered food processors that have different types of blades and meant for various types of cuts, the good old reliables are still sold in the market. These are the simpler ones and cost less than their plugged counterparts.

Some variants are made of glass and plastic and the others are constructed with God knows what. This is how diverse this kitchen appliance has become. In short, food processors sport different faces. Before purchasing one for your kitchen, take a look at some common questions we took time in providing you with the best answers.

What do you need a food processor for?

If you need some chopping, slicing, mincing, or anything you want to do to lessen the size of your ingredients, then, you need a food processor. Do salsas and homemade dips frequently go with the food you serve? This also makes you in need of it.

It’s nice to own one only if you have ample space for storing the implement; otherwise, it may come crashing down with another tool you try to pull from an overcrowded counter or kitchen cabinet. And finally, owning a dishwasher is a plus if you have a food processor. Many pieces of this tool are dishwasher safe and sharp parts may harm you if you clean it by hand.

How does a food processor differ from a blender?

Blenders have conical bottoms and need to be poured with liquid to keep its contents from moving around the blades while a food processor has as a broad, flat bottom with wide sweeping blade which doesn’t require adding liquid to function.

What to look for in a food processor?

  • Reliable Chassis: The power that is forced out of its motor is capable of making your kitchen tool walk. That’s why heavier types of food processors are more stable to use and can last a longer time.
  • Capacity: A 9-cup capacity food processor better option. This accommodates more ingredients and saves you on fuel cost.
  • Simple Operation: Different models have different speeds. You may not need one that has a thousand and one buttons to make it work.
  • Feed Tube: The wider the tube, the better your appliance can function. This allows for easy push for even larger pieces of ingredients.
  • Safety features: Look for something that locks surely onto the base, with a top that fits onto the bowl. There are models that do not begin working unless they are perfectly sure everything is safe.

Optional features (but not really essential)

  • Additional attachments: Some come with an S-shaped stainless steel for various purposes, slicer/grater discs, and plastic dough blade. Others may come with smaller 2 – 4 cup mini blades that can take care of smaller amounts of food.
  • Instructional manual or DVD: Good kitchen equipment should be accompanied by an instructional booklet complete with a host of recipes.
  • Continuous feed slicer/shredder: This extra attachment allows for slicing or shredding huge amounts of vegetables or cheese without turning off the equipment and emptying the bowl. Look for one that has a chute so processed food goes straight to another bowl.
  • Touch pad innovation: Touch pad is a part of technology that people have come to live with. A food processor that has this feature provides users with some peace of mind as they say goodbye to cracks that stand to compromise the functionality of their kitchen appliance.



8.7 Awesome

Overall there is no doubt that the Kenwood FDP613 food processor is an outstanding piece of kitchen equipment.

  • User Ratings (14 Votes) 7


  1. This is the model that I own, having purchased it for £69.99 a couple of weeks ago. As there are only two people living in the house, this device is the perfect size, although I agree that it would be too small for larger families. In fact, the mini-bowl function is fantastic – it allows me to mix tiny quantities and prevent waste.

    I find the processor easy to clean too, but you have forgotten to mention that this model is dishwasher safe – yet another plus point. Overall, I am really happy with my purchase. It’s a basic, but effective device and should last for years.

    • How is the Processor doing? I had a few questions if you could please take the time to answer.
      Is it good in kneading dough and can it knead for long times like 5 minutes.
      How is the blender can it make hard veggie smoothies. Does it come with a smaller jar to grind dry spices and/or sauces

      • I bought this processor in 2013 but it didn’t last very long before a small, virtually inaccessible screw behind the control know loosened.
        The blades in the blender are not great; I feel that they are too short. I make soups but had to finish carrots with a masher :<
        Unfortunately for me, I mislaid the receipt so have to grin and bear it. :/
        I wouldn't buy one of the Kenwood products again – go for a more reliable one.

  2. Great to know! I’m in need of a food processor, and with this one being only £69.99 I’m going to get it in a few weeks! I live alone so it may be on the bigger side, but I love to use food processors for all kinds of dishes or to just make peanut butter or milkshakes! So far this is the best review I read, thank you! Really made me decide to buy this one.

  3. This review is really helpful as we’re in the market for a new food processor! The one we currently use was given as a gift and a crucial piece was lost in a recent move (a tiny piece at that).

    I love that this has a small bowl option. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I like to use my food processor as a kitchen shortcut instead of chopping veggies by hand so the small bowl makes that a bit easier. I can’t imagine the unit not being big enough for my family of 4.

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