Best Soup Maker Reviews


A bowl of yummy homemade soup can complete anyone’s day, especially on a cold morning or evening. Most people, however, are reluctant in cooking soup because of the long preparations. Thankfully, there are now available soup makers on the market that can lessen the work load needed to make this delicious dish. This must-have kitchen appliance can even help you make up to four bowls of homemade soup in less than 30 minutes. Impressive, isn’t it?

How to Find the Best Soup Maker

Finding the best soup makers on the market can be overwhelming. There are so many choices available that have varying features and prices to offer. In order to purchase the best soup maker for your kitchen needs, you will have to consider these factors before making a decision:


Some soup makers are multi-functional, while others can only help you make soups. Multi-functional soup makers can also serve as coffee grinders, vegetable steamers, or even ice crushes. You need to figure out which type would best suit your needs.


Most people see this as the most important factor to consider. It is ideal to set your budget before heading out. You need to decide on how much you are willing to invest on this kitchen appliance and do your best to stick to it.


The ideal capacity of your soup maker will depend on the size of your household and the frequency of cooking soup dishes. Most products can typically make four bowls in one serving. Some, however, can make six bowls.

The Best Soup Makers

Here are some of the best soup makers on the market that might interest you:

Good Ideas Multi-Purpose Soup-Making Machine

Good Ideas Multi Function Soup Maker - Blender

This GoodIdeas soup maker boasts of a powerful 1,1150 Watts heating capacity that can make your soup in no time. Its blender and mixer are covered by a two-year warranty. You will also receive a cookbook for free. Aside from soups, this machine can create juices and shakes.

The unit has a maximum capacity of 1.7 liters. Simply place your stock and ingredients, and allow the mixer to do the cooking. You also have the option to create substantial, thick, or sleek broth at the press of a button.


Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker

Cuisinart SSB1U Soup Maker

This Cuisinart soup maker allows you to mix your preferred ingredients at the touch of a button. With a maximum capacity of 1.4 liters, this soup maker is easy to use. It has a temperature setting, and timer for added convenience. It also features stainless steel blades with four speed options.

The multiple seal cover and thermal glass container, meanwhile, keep your soup warm and secured. You will receive a recipe guide upon purchase, as well. The Cuisinart SSB1U is also perfect for making dips, salad dressings, and salsas.


Waring WSM1U Four-Speed Soup Maker


The Waring WSM1U soup making machine features a built-in, non-stick plate to help you saute your onions, garlic, or vegetables for added flavor. Its heating capacity is up to 1000 Watts, with three temperature settings. This unit can also help you make cold drinks, shakes, and crushed ice.

With four speed options, the Waring WSM1U has a 1.4-liter capacity for hot ingredients and up to 1.75 liters for cold fluids. This unit can also produce a delicious broth in under 20 minutes, fast enough to satisfy your hunger in no time.


Swan SP18010N Soup Machine

Swan SP18010N Gourmet Soup Maker

The Swan soup machine is perfect for creating tasty soup, fruit juices, and smoothies. It features an integrated heating unit that comes with pre-programmed blending and heating periods to satisfy your soup making needs. With a 1.5-liter capacity and 800 Watts motor, the Swan SP18010N also offers a two-year warranty. You will receive a recipe guide to help you serve different soup dishes to satisfy you and your loved ones’ palate. With so many features to offer, the Swan soup maker will definitely make cooking more enjoyable.


Morphy Richards 501011 Soup Maker

Morphy Richards 501011 Saute Soup Maker


The Morphy Richards soup making machine offers you a hassle-free approach to creating yummy soup dishes in over 20 minutes or less. It has four configurations to help you make the right broth mixture in a short time. The serving capacity allows you to serve up to four bowls of delicious, homemade soup.

This soup machine is also easy to clean – thanks to its non-stick covering. It also automatically continues its food preparations once the cover has been re-applied. When frying ingredients, simply switch to the saute setting to fry off all the ingredients.


Buffalo L715 10-Liter Soup Maker

Buffalo Soup Kettle

The Buffalo L715 soup making machine includes a stainless steel hinged cover with a black finish. This machine features an optimum temperature of 97 Degrees Celsius, and a total capacity of 10 liters. You can also use this machine to serve curry, beans, chilli, sauces, and the like. Another notable feature is its two-piece design that allows you to remove the container from its exterior cover to ensure thorough clean-up. You can also change the setting, based on your preferences.


Breville Chunky Or Smooth Soup Making Machine

Breville Soup Maker

This soup making machine produces a delicious broth in 20 minutes or less. It can also mix hot or cold ingredients for added variety. With a cooking time and four speed settings, you can create your broth, smoothies, and shakes easily.

The entire unit can also be completely disassembled for convenient dishwashing. You can set the cooking temperature as to how you want it, whether low, high, or simmer. With a 1000-Watt heating unit and a 600-Watt motor, you can cook your soup without any difficulties.

Soup Maker: Value for Money

This buying guide allows you to gain a better understanding of what constitutes a good soup maker. With all of the information provided, you should now know which model would most likely be a value for money. Always remember to focus on what you need in order to make the best out of your purchase. This way, you are sure to have a long-term relationship with your soup making machine that will satisfy plenty of hungry tummies.

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