Top 9 Best Halogen Ovens UK (Updated 2017 List!)


As a new and more efficient way to prepare meals, the halogen oven is making waves among home cooks. Whatever method you need for preparing food via the conventional oven, whether it’s baking, roasting or broiling, the halogen oven can do and in lesser time. On top of all that, it hardly takes up space in the kitchen. You just place it on top of your counter or table, plug it in, and you’re ready to cook.

Now if you’re thinking of getting your first halogen oven, you might find it hard to choose the right one since this innovation is fairly new in the market. Here’s a guide to the best halogen ovens we’ve come across:

Best Halogen Ovens UK Comparison

Andrew James 1400W Digital

●Our #1 Choice!
●Capacity of 12L
●Very Affordable
●Fast heat up

5.0 out of 5
JML Halowave Oven

●Capacity of 10.5L
●Fairly versatile
●Great with a rack

4.0 out of 5
Russell Hobbs Halogen Oven

●Capacity of 16L
●Perfect for 2 people
●Replaceable bulb

4.3 out of 5

Top Halogen Ovens 2017

1. Andrew James 12 LTR

Consistently topping the list of halogen ovens is the Andrew James 12 LTR. It can cook a large amount of dishes, up to 17 litres. This oven is quite powerful, with 1400 watts of energy to cook in lesser time. A digital timer makes planning and estimating convenient while the hinged lid makes it easy to handle since the lid is rather heavy and extremely hot when the appliance is running. Although it’s on the upper end of the price range, it’s worth the price, considering that it’s sturdy and well-made.

2. JML Halowave Halogen Oven

JML Halowave
List Price: £59.99
Price Disclaimer

If you’re looking for a halogen oven that does not cost much but cooks food to satisfaction, the JML Halowave Halogen Oven might just be your match. It’s very easy to use and configure and has a capacity for 10.5 litres. Admittedly, this may not be much, but with its low price, it’s a pleasant surprise that the quality of the cooked food is better than expected. This is because this oven is powerful enough and cooks thoroughly at 1400 watts. It includes a timer and temperature controls that reach up to 245 degrees. Another great feature is the oven’s self-cleaning capability.

3. Russell Hobbs 18537

View the Russell Hobbs Halogen Oven here

Russell Hobbs has for years been producing the finest quality appliances for the home and they continue their excellence, with their halogen oven, the Russell Hobbs 18537. It runs on 1400 watts of energy and is capable of holding 11 litres; however, an included extender ring maximizes its capacity to 16. It also comes with several useful accessories such as a lid stand where you can put the hot lid on, very handy. The controls are for the temperature which reaches until 250 degrees and the timer, which is until 60 minutes. One downside to this model though is that some users have commented that it’s not as durable as they expected.

4. Tower T14001

What’s great about the Tower T14001 is that it cooks rather quickly due to its impressive use of halogen, infrared and convection. It also has a budget-friendly price, performs moderately well and produces decent quality. The handy accessories include racks, tongs, trays and a lid stand. Wattage is at 1300 with a standard timer for 60 minutes and temperature controls up to 250 degrees. Its capacity is first-rate since it can hold 12 litres and with the extender ring on, it can hold as much as 17.

5. VonShef Turbo Air Fryer

Known for a variety of kitchen appliances and equipment is VonShef and their VonShef Turbo Air Fryer is also a bestseller. This halogen oven has many useful functions including frying which is something not all halogen ovens can do well. Although it’s smaller than average at 10 litres and less powerful since it uses only 1200 watts, it is easier to use and handle, plus it includes a number of accessories. The hinged lid in particular is very convenient, so you can do without a lid stand which takes up more space.

More Halogen Ovens To Consider

Abode 12L G2SHO6001B

The Abode 12L G2SHO6001B is an affordably priced halogen oven that does a great job of cooking meals. It has a 12 Litre capacity and runs on 1300 watts. It’s also equipped with a thermostat and a timer for up to an hour. The accompanying glass bowl is detachable for easy washing and is dishwasher-safe. At 7 kilos, however, this halogen oven is not as compact as other models but is still relatively easy to move around and transport. It’s not as powerful as other models, either but with its low price and functional features, you’re already getting quite a bargain

Coopers of Stortford

Another well-recommended halogen oven is the Coopers of Stortford, capable of handling 12 litres and powered by 1200-1400 watts. It’s a standard oven without a lot of accessories but its greatest attribute is that it cooks even quicker than other models thanks to the combination of halogen and infrared. An added bonus is that it’s priced quite reasonably. It also has a timer, temperature settings and conveniently has a self-cleaning feature. It does not seem to be as strong or as sturdy though as its rivals.

Flavorwave Oven

The Flavorwave oven is a basic oven that’s very easy to use, does a decent job with your meals and delivers fast results. It’s smaller than most ovens with a capacity of only 11 litres, but it’s ideal for people who don’t need to cook a large amount of food. It runs on 1300 watts of energy and utilizes halogen plus infrared, making it exceptionally efficient. It also has temperature settings for a maximum of 250 degrees, which is higher than the standard 200.

Prolectrix Infra Chef

The Prolectrix Infra Chef may not be the best looking in the market but it is certainly one of the best in performance. It cooks food wonderfully and comes with a bunch of accessories, including a convenient lid stand to place the very hot lid on. It holds a maximum of 12 litres and has controls for the timer for a maximum of 60 minutes with the temperature up to 250 degrees. Users also prefer this model because of its middle-of-the-line price.

Halogen Oven Buying Guide

Tired of turning the entire stove on just to cook a dinner for two? Halogen stoves are inexpensive tabletop cookers that claim to cook quicker and better than a broiler. Check this to discover how to purchase the best, and if a halogen broiler is appropriate for you.

When buying a halogen oven, it is important for us to take some things into consideration. The main thing we need to note is buying a package that includes tongs, oven steaming trays, lid stand, extension rings, frying basket, controls and lastly, the cord length and storage.

If it is your first time to buy a halogen oven, the best thing to do is to buy a bundle. You can buy one within the range of £60 to £70 per bundle.

Halogen Ovens

Pros: makes instant heat, spreads the heat in the oven with a fan, flexible, food looks beautiful, bowl is transparent so you can see the food being cooked, temperature can be controlled so it doesn’t get overcooked, cheap

Cons: bulky, large, too hassle to clean, takes time to clean because it’s made of glass and you need to be careful when cleaning it, takes an ample amount of space too if you’re just going to leave it on the counter space

Air Fryers

Pros: uses less oil, spreads oil on the food before hot air is circulated inside the fryer, can be used for baking too. Easy to clean, very convenient, can cook instantly, can make nutritious meals

Cons: can only cook for a maximum of three people, bulky, too hot when you’re going to hold the outer part. It is more expensive than a halogen oven.

Do You Think a Halogen Oven or an Airfryer can take the Place of an Ordinary Oven?

Halogen ovens and airfryers can be quicker than traditional ovens as they only have to warm a smaller space and are definitely less expensive to buy. They are also easy to bring anywhere, in case you may want to take them on a holiday with you. However, neither has the ability or flexibility of a general integrated oven so for most folks, it cannot be a sensible alternative.

Here are the pros and cons of buying halogen ovens and air fryers. You can now choose your kitchen equipment based on your needs and requirement.

In Summary

When deciding on which halogen oven to ultimately buy, remember to check the features and consider the space you have available in your kitchen. You will also want to take a look at the capacity of your oven, how powerful it is and what useful accessories go with it, like tongs and a lid stand.

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