Best Bean To Cup Coffee Machine


With a bean to cup coffee machine, you can enjoy a great tasting cup of coffee from your home or workplace anytime. Coffee enthusiasts will tell you there’s a huge difference between the flavor produced by instant coffee and that from coffee beans. Even the fragrance of coffee beans is infinitely more appealing. And most of all, the bean to cup coffee machine offers the utmost in convenience. With the press of a button, you get to enjoy your favorite drink, whether it’s cappuccino, americano or latte, complete with milk and froth on top. All that is needed is to place your coffee beans and other ingredients, input your settings and then get the machine started.

If you’re considering buying a bean to cup coffee machine, here’s what you should look for.

Buying Guide:


1. Bar pressure

You need to be able to check the bar pressure because this is important in getting the most flavor from your coffee beans. The best machines have a setting of 15 bars, but a bar pressure of between 10 to 15 bars is also of good quality.

2. Grinder

The grinder is all-important for pounding the beans and there are settings available to grind the beans into the exact grains you need.

3. Filter

The ground coffee beans are placed in the filter where they wait for the hot water.

4. Milk

Bean to cup coffee machines will either have a milk feature that is already part of the machine’s process or a milk solution attachment which you can adjust and control.

5. Display

Some machines have display settings that show only basic functions while others have a LED display with more details and a variety of options.


1. Quantity of coffee

You can choose the serving size you prefer and more often than not, the machines are able to brew at least two cups per round.

2. Ease of cleaning

A cleaning function should be part of every machine and some machines even have a self-cleaning feature which especially makes the task much easier. However, some degree of manual labor is still needed to thoroughly clean the machine.

3. Memory function

Some machines also come with a convenient memory function that saves different user profiles. This makes it quicker for multiple users to select what they want.

To make it easier for you to choose your own, here’s a list of the best bean to cup coffee machines:

1. Andrew James 1100 Watt Digital Filter

The Andrew James 1100 Watt Digital Filter is among the lower-priced machines and consequently only has standard features. It includes a timer so that the machine will automatically brew your cup of coffee at the exact time of the day you want. It has a simple and clean design which may not be as stylish as other machines but still looks classic. This machine is also well-built and made of durable materials, with a splendid capacity of 1.8 liters. The coffee it creates tastes wonderful and it can even stay warm because of the ‘keep warm’ option. The filter may be detached and washed separately.

2. Andrew James AJ000575

Another high performing machine from Andrew James is the Andrew James AJ000575. It’s an affordably priced coffee machine that you can depend on to automatically make a fresh cup of coffee anytime. It’s made of durable materials and has a sleek design. Grinder settings are included to select the coarseness of the ground beans and you can choose from variable coffee strengths or intensities. There’s also a milk frother feature which is perfect if you love lattes. The warming plate ensures your coffee retains its warmth. This machine makes a maximum of 12 cups, and it’s easy to operate and maintain, although it lacks a self-cleaning feature.

3. De’Longhi ECAM44.660.B Eletta

The De’Longhi brand is already an established name among coffee makers and the De’Longhi ECAM44.660.B Eletta is a top of the line product. Exceptionally sturdy and of professional quality with essential parts made of stainless steel, this machine has a stylish modern design. It also has fully adjustable settings such as the grinder and coffee intensity. There’s a memory function as well to store various user preferences. The milk frother is another great addition, along with the self-cleaning capability. All these terrific features though mean that this machine is on the upper end of the price range.

4. De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200

One of the more reasonably priced machines with above average quality is the De’Longhi Magnifica ESAM4200. This machine has a sound construction and doesn’t feel flimsy. Some of its important features like the milk frother are of stainless steel. Design-wise, it still looks elegant but it’s considerably larger than other De’Longhi models. The 15 bar pressure means it creates coffee with an outstanding flavor and aroma. It has an adjustable grinder to increase or decrease your coffee’s strength and it includes user-friendly display settings. It is also self-cleaning so you don’t need to take up a lot of time or exert a lot of effort into cleaning it, plus it’s extremely convenient with single touch modes and shorter brewing time.

5. Igenix IG8225 12-Cup

The Igenix IG8225 is a cheaper automatic coffee machine that’s still remarkably sturdy. It can create up to 12 cups or 1.5 liters of freshly brewed coffee. The quality of the coffee is quite good and the machine’s settings such as the strength of the flavor can be controlled and customized to your taste. When it comes to looks, this machine isn’t too bad but it doesn’t really stand out. A grinder and a keep warm function are also included. The Igenix IG8225 is power-saving as well since it shuts off automatically once it’s done. Its LCD display is easy to understand and no trouble to use and the filter is detachable and can be washed.

6. Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express

The Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Barista Express is one of the more superior coffee machines. It comes at a slightly higher price but it’s full of features. This machine also takes up considerably more space but it looks stylish and it’s clearly of professional quality with 15 bar pressure. It’s tougher and longer lasting as well. The settings can be regulated, such as the grinder to control the thickness of the beans. Coffee experts will love how this machine gives them more control over the brewing process while still making everything convenient. With a little practice and method, you can create the perfect cup of coffee in just a couple of minutes.

These bean to cup coffee machines we mentioned yield the best tasting and most fragrant coffee. At the same time, they’re easy and very convenient to use. You need to remember however that although they’re highly convenient when it comes to serving coffee, bean to cup coffee machines need regular maintenance and more meticulous cleaning for them to last longer.

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