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Are you tired of using your garden hose to clean stubborn dirt from your car, shed or patio? Garden hoses have a very poor pressure even when a spray nozzle is attached.

The Vax VPW4 Pressure Washer delivers 40 times the cleaning power of your normal garden hose, so you can spray away mud and stuck on muck in seconds. As professionals in indoor cleaning for more than thirty years, Vax has manufactured outdoor washers that are designed to last and have top quality cleaning power.

The Vax VPW4 Power Washer is a heavy duty pressure washing machine that provides high power  as it’s great for the most difficult outdoor cleaning chores. It is one of the newest pressure washers in the market, offering high performance and high spec washing machine at a great value price. Vax PPW4 Pressure Washer has a high flow rate of 510 liters per hour; therefore, it’s able to flush and clean grime and dirt more quickly for an effective and efficient clean.

Vax Pressure Washer - 1800W.
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Vax Power Wash VPW4 Review & Key Features

The 2500W Vax VPW4 Pressure Washer features a longer hose as well as high max pressure for a more effective and efficient wash. In addition, the VPW4 has a wide range of nozzles such as turbo nozzle which blasts away embedded grime from high traffic regions. The pressure washer is great for very heavy-duty cleaning chores such as brickwork, large outdoor areas and commercial vehicles.

Included in this machine is a five hundred millitre bottle of Vax Universal Pressure Washer Detergent to assist to break down moss, grime and other stubborn dirt. The Vax VPW4 Pressure Washer makes the toughest cleaning tasks easy. Just like other brands of Vax pressure washers, the Vax VPW4 has an industrial grade aluminium pump that ensure that it delivers the best cleaning performance every time you use it. It’s a is lightweight model, wheel mounted and designed for easy transportation. Its hand gun is easy to trigger and has a safety lock built in it for easy on and off trigger release.

This pressure washer is a fabulous, easy to set up as well as a fun machine to use. The satisfaction achieved when using it is unbelievable. It has taken every day cleaning chores to something enjoyable. With the 2500W Vax VPW4 there will be no more stubborn dirt on your car, your shed or your patio.

Pressure Washer Buying Guide

For cleaning your patio and walkways, nothing beats a good wash from a pressure washer.  This powerful piece of equipment will clean more thoroughly and more efficiently compared to a hose, as it washes away dirt and grime in a matter of minutes.  It can also be used to clean all sorts of items outside your house.

If you want to choose the best pressure washer for your home, take a look at this buying guide.

What are the kinds of pressure washers?

There are mainly two kinds of pressure washers based on their source of power:  electric and gas-powered.  For light to moderate tasks, electric pressure washers are sufficient.  They’re more lightweight, easier to carry and work more smoothly but portability is limited since they do need to be plugged in to an electric socket.  Moderate to heavy duty tasks, however, will require gas pressure washers.  They’re more powerful and let you move around more freely, but they are also bulkier and will need refueling.

What is the machine’s pressure output or power?

The pressure washer’s power is measured in terms of PSI or pounds per square inch.  For lighter cleaning jobs, washers with a maximum of 2000 PSI are recommended.  Moderate jobs will require a minimum of 2000 or maximum of 2800 PSI.  Tougher cleaning tasks should use pressure washers that can go up to 3,300 PSI, and for professional quality cleaning, they should be able to go higher.

What features should you consider?

Look for a machine with a hose that is around 25 feet long for greater maneuverability.  These should also be capable of withstanding high pressure.  The washer should come with different nozzle tips, which will allow you to change the pressure and flow or angle of the water as you spray.   The pump for the washer may be either an axial cam or triplex.  For home or personal use washers, they usually have the axial cam pump but for heavy duty, professional washers, a triplex pump is more durable.  A detergent tank is highly useful as well so that you can combine a cleaning product like detergent with the water.  Just be sure to check if the detergent is compatible with your washer to avoid damaging the pump.


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  1. My husband and I have been in the market for a good pressure washer for sometime now. We went to home depot a few months ago, and priced them. My husband being all man of course wasn’t about to consider an electric one. I on the other hand want just that. He wants a gas powered engine with good ole fashioned horse power. I’m looking for one to plug in and hit the on button. I also think it would make less noise. His points are good to gas powered has more power and a longer life. We haven’t bought one yet, but I’m sure he won’t be buying a his and hers. Bummer cause I really like the look and details of this one.

  2. At 2500W this Vax washer is really powerful. This tool is just perfect and the 2 years warranty is attractive for people who wants to be sure on what they are buying. Tried cleaning hard to clean areas and it performed so well. It blasted all dirt and the power helped in taking off the layers of dirt.

  3. I had one for Christmas, after having had several Karchers. What a difference. It cost less than a K’archer, was more powerful than a similarly priced K’archer and was far more practical. The length of electrical lead meant I didn’t need to plug in an extension lead anymore. Having had to constantly move the K’archer due to the short hose, it is bliss with the Vac’s 10m hose, I can site the machine in one place and jet wash all around cars including a 4×4. A brilliant product to date. As mentioned above, setting up & putting away the hose is a little on the fiddly side, nothing to get excited about though. I’d personally score it higher, certainly inline with the review at Autoexpress where it came top. It made me laugh when I opened the packaging, it comes along with its own colostomy bag for the purpose of dispensing the shampoo!!

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