Nilfisk Pressure Washer Review


A beautiful home is one that is well-kept both inside and outside, so cleaning the outside of your home is just as important as cleaning your rooms. For a task as fiddly as washing your patio, yard or garage, you’ll get better results in half the time if you make use of top quality equipment such as a pressure washer. The Nilfisk C120 3-6 PC pressure washer is a powerful pressure washer that helps you thoroughly rinse surfaces with a minimum of effort and time. One of the top brands for expert cleaning products, Nilfisk has been around for many years and is trusted by their patrons, with branches all over the world.

Features and Specifications:

The Nilfisk C120 3-6 PC pressure washer is a top rated pressure washer with excellent performance. It has a motor measuring 1,650 watts. The hose is 6 meters long and the cable is 5 meters. It runs on 230 volts, and weighs 8.4 kilos. The rate of water flow produced is 520 liters per hour. It can heat water to reach up to 40 degrees Celsius and the pressure goes up to a maximum of 120.

Together with the unit itself are several items namely the handgun and the hose. The unit is also equipped with a tornado nozzle which is used for daily moderate cleaning tasks and a powerspeed nozzle for heavy duty work. There’s a foam sprayer as well if you wish to use detergent to kill germs or remove tough stains. A patio cleaner is also included with this set. An instructional DVD gives you the details on how to setup and use the pressure washer, plus maintenance tips. You can use the pressure washer to clean paths, patio floors, and even automobiles. Thanks to the high pressure, the water can easily reach out of the way areas and corners in your home or yard.

Pros and Cons:

Many users are impressed with the power and efficiency of this pressure washer. Not only does it effectively rinse surface and eliminate stains, it also makes cleaning your home quick and easy. It’s lighter compared to other pressure washers and built with wheels to make it convenient to transport from place to place. Operating the machine is no trouble at all, since it uses an automatic start and stop system. You simply press the trigger on the handgun to get it running and let go to stop the flow of water. This washer was also constructed with quality materials, most notably the metal pump instead of the more common plastic to ensure durability and long use. Another thing users appreciated was that the accessories could be stored easily at the back of the unit.

There are, however, a small number of drawbacks to this machine as reported by a few users. The machine, when it arrives is not completely assembled so you will need to complete the setup on your own. The DVD instructions are easy to follow, though, and do not take long to finish. The other concern was the additional patio cleaner set, which according to some, was not as sturdy as expected.

Final Thoughts:

All in all, the Nilfisk C120 3-6 PC pressure washer is greatly recommended. It produces brilliantly clean results and the machine is a cinch to use. It’s also durable which you means you won’t need to keep replacing the parts. Any problems with the machine though should be taken care of by its two-year warranty. Finally, its greatest advantage is that at its current selling price, this pressure washer is excellent value for your money.

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