Kärcher WV60 Window Vac Review


Kärcher WV60 Window Vac Product Specifications

  • Battery operated
  • Electric extraction of the water
  • Waist Bag
  • Lightweight tool & compact design

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The Kärcher WV60 Window Vac makes a good quality impression like all products of the company Kärcher . I have bought it for me less for window cleaning but more to clean the tiles in the bathroom and guest toilet. I ‘ve even cleaned the windows with it and that’s not really my thing. The windows are definitely ” streak-free ” and it drips almost nothing on the window sill . So even for me as a man, it is feasible to clean windows.

Furthermore I have to clean my greatest living room glass table. Extreme pollution by two children so handprints , milk stains , cookie crumbs , etc. The same goes for the dining room table , this consists of a black glass plate in the middle and painted white wood on the outer sides . So get to the enemy I spray with the bottle and wipe over it. Then all vacuum with the vacuum cleaner and lo and behold everything clean and streak free ! it has absolutely made work easier, I find it for even better than cleaning the windows. Next building site tiles in the bathroom . Once spray mop and vacuum, again a top performance of the device. The flap of the sprayer can be easily cleaned under the water crane.

Reviews Radar Remarks

  • Very easy to use
  • Any smooth surface is clean and free of streaks
  • Even on tiles a super power
  • Easy to fill and clean the appliance parts
  • No expensive cleaners needed, dish washing liquid works well enough

Buy the Kärcher WV60 Window Vac on Amazon and get free delivery!

Despite the price , a strong buy recommendation . For me as a man must cope with his household with children alone a super time savings. Kärcher WV60 Window Vac is great buy


  1. You can always trust Kärcher to put out good products. It’s great to know that no chemical products are needed to clean with this machine. A must have for houses full of kids – the less chemicals, the better!
    I think this is a good investment. From the review, this seems like a reliable vacuum kit that will last a long time.

  2. Not only does this unit clean windows, it cleans tile, counter tops and glass table tops. The vacuum prevents dripping when cleaning vertical surfaces. There are multiple accessories that make cleaning hassle free. No harsh chemicals are needed which is great for homes with children or pets. It makes cleaning more efficient and almost fun.

  3. Awesome to find an electronically operated window cleaner. I’ve never tried using one of these, of any brand that is. I will definitely check these kind of products out! It seems to be a very efficient product to clean up the mess on your windows.

    What makes things even more awesome is the ability for it to electrically extract water.

  4. This thing looks awesome and it can pretty much clean everything in my home. I love the ratings on it and the ease of use. We will be looking into purchasing one soon!

  5. Austin Foster on

    Looks like I’m buying another.

    I bought this for my Dad for his birthday, I went over to his house today tp catch him using it. The silent machine worked wonders, and I have to say, I got pretty jealous haha. I’m definitely going to order my own soon.

  6. This window cleaning vacuum seems like it might be a perfect addition to our household cleaning tools. We have two small children who leave hand prints on every window in the house it seems, and our dogs seem to enjoy doing nose art on the windows at home. Since my husband is a stay at home dad, and the windows are his least favorite part if house cleaning, I just may make a gift of this. He geeks out over any tool that makes anything easier, so this seems to be a perfect idea. I can not wait to come home from work to streak free (and hand and nose print free) windows, cleaner counters, and bathroom tiles that I do not have to wonder what was spilled on. Will be ordering this in time for Fathers Day!

  7. I had never heard of a window cleaning vacuum before reading this review. I was unimpressed until the author pointed out that it can be used on tiles or any smooth surface. This seems like an interesting and useful cleaning tool, although I doubt I would ever use it for its official intended purpose.

  8. I have been looking for an efficient way to clean my glass-topped coffee table, and I believe I have found it! Although my own children are grown, I still have two dogs who like to drool on it and one cat who leaves his little footie prints all over it too. I was about to the point that I was going to get rid of it, until I read your excellent review. Now I know just what to do to cope with the glass table. It’s a good thing too, since it belonged to my grandparents. I just hate to give it up, so I’m glad that now I don’t have to. I think you just saved my sanity with this one!

  9. This sounds like a great device. I have just one question – I presume it uses steam to do all the cleaning? I like the way you can clean any smooth surface with it but the fact that it will cut the time you spend cleaning your windows considerably makes it a winner in my book.

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