Gaggia Brera Coffee Machine Review


Gaggia Brera Coffee Machine

The Gaggia Brera espresso machine that is sleek and compact in design. It is a bean-to-cup coffee maker that produces professional-grade results. This product is easy to use and versatile. It can make either a cup of espresso, cappuccino, or latte. It even comes with three coffee strength options, so you can adjust the brew as preferred. In this article, you will discover the many great reasons why you should check out the Gaggia Brera coffee maker.

Product Details

Coffee connoisseurs know that Gaggia is one of the biggest names in the industry. The company was recently bought by Philips. Despite the acquisition, Gaggia was able to maintain its signature quality and design, which customers have learned to love. The key specs are as follows:

  • Machine Type: Bean-to-cup
  • Grinds coffee beans: Yes
  • Accepts capsules: No
  • Weight: 8.3 kilograms
  • Size: 32cm x 26cm x 46cm
  • Pump-driven
  • Slots for two cups
  • 1.2L water capacity
  • 15-bar pressure

Why Buy Gaggia Brera Coffee Maker?

This espresso machine not only looks classy, but it comes with a workhouse that consistently produces great-tasting coffee. The unit is easy to use, too. All you need is to push a button to process the beans into your favorite brew. Are you always busy? Your cup of coffee is ready in just two minutes or less.

The Pros

1. Classy Design

The elegant panel on the front is made of stainless steel, giving it a classy appearance. Its overall look is further enhanced by chrome accents. Only the control knob is made of plastic.

2. Uses Ground Coffee or Coffee Beans

This coffee maker lets you grind coffee or put in coffee beans. It features a ceramic grinder that ensures the right grind quality by reducing heat transfer, and maintaining consistency. In addition, the machine has a bypass doser that allows you to skip the grinding process, so you can use pre-ground coffee when preferred.

3. Adjustable Coffee Dispenser

The adjustable coffee dispenser is one of the best features of the Gaggia Brera. This feature allows you to adjust the height to accommodate the size of your mug or cup. It means you can choose to have your coffee in your preferred cup or mug.

4. Steamer Wand

The Panarello steamer wand delivers frothy milk to your drink. Made of stainless steel, this wand is definitely durable. You can even make a nice cup of hot chocolate or milk without issues.

5. Compact Design

This coffee maker comes in a compact design that can fit almost any kitchen counter. It offers both high-quality coffee and top-notch features without the bulky size. If you are living in a small place, then this coffee maker could be your best bet.

6. Low Maintenance

The machine is mostly made of stainless steel. This means it will surely last when well taken care of. It is easy to clean, and will not require frequent maintenance checks.

7. Automatic Shut-Off

Accidents happen, but many of them can be prevented. The Gaggia Brera coffee making machine comes with an automatic shut-off feature to ensure safety during usage. It shuts off automatically when something unusual happens, or when it is left turned on.

8.  Accessories

The Gaggia Brera has awesome built-in features. It does not have much external accessories. The unit comes with a built-in 8.8oz hopper (air-tight) with UV-blocking lid to keep your coffee beans protected. There is also a handy cup warmer that can keep your drink hot.

The Cons

Like any other products, the Gaggia Brera espresso maker also has its own setbacks. This machine does grind coffee, but the process makes it produce some noice. The good news is that it is not the loudest on the market. Furthermore, the plastic control knob looks cheap, but this should not be your deciding factor. The drip tray is small, so it will need frequent emptying.

Usage Tips

Press the button twice when you want to brew two cups at once. The unit will grind two sets of coffee beans, and fill in two cups through the two spouts. There is an indicator light that tells you when the unit requires descaling.

You can fine-tune your cup of coffee by experimenting with the grind’s coarseness. There are other ways to do it, but this method is the best, so far. What’s great about this espresso machine is its energy-efficiency, running steady at 1,400W when in use and 1W when in standby mode. The machine automatically goes on standby mode when left turned on and unused for an hour.


The Gaggia Brera espresso maker is a user-friendly machine that delivers professional grade coffee. It does not consume too much energy, and switches to standby mode when left unused after an hour. It comes with a classy look that is easy to use and clean. If you are searching for a bean-to-cup coffee maker that prioritizes user convenience, then this is surely a solid buy.

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