Top 8 Best Rotary Washing Lines


Washing clothes is a time-consuming but necessary chore and thanks to the invention of the washing machine and the dryer, it’s now quicker and more convenient to clean and dry our clothes. If you want to save energy, however, and if you want to switch to an environmentally friendly lifestyle, line drying your clothes, instead of relying on the dryer, is best and for this, you’ll need a rotary washing line. This is a very useful piece of equipment that can organize and hold all your clothes outdoors while drying.

We Award the Top Spot to…

Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Line

Why we like it most:

  1. It has 50 meters max drying space
  2. Height is highly adjustable
  3. Excellent investment – Manufacturer-guaranteed for 5 yrs

We’re not the only ones! Others users consistently rate Brabantia as the top rated rotary line brand.

If you want a quick rotary line comparsion, you’ll take a look at the following list of the best products, ranked in order:

Best Rotary Washing Line UK

Our Rating
1. [TOP CHOICE] Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Line

●50 meters of line space
●Umbrella design - easy to use and store
●Very strong aluminum feel frame
●Arms have special holes for clothes hangers
●5 year guarantee
4.8 / 5
2. Home Laundry Company Premium 40 Meter Rotary Washing Line

●Ground spike to keep in ground
●Weather proof moisture guard
●40 meters over 4 arms
●Easy to set up and put down
4.6 / 5
3. Marko Homewares Four Arm 40 meter Rotary Clothes Dryer

●Uses little space
●lines stretch up to 40 meters, from 4 arms
●Very sturdy aluminum
4.4 / 5
4. Brabantia Topspinner (40m Option)

●Different line lengths
●Top frame spins for convenience
●3 way adjustable arms
4.4 / 5
5. Minky – Rota-Lift 60 Aluminium Rotary Washing Line

●Lines of up to 60m
●Water repellant steel frame
●Adjustable height
4.3 / 5
6. Hills Rotary 6 Washing Line Saves effort & money - makes drying quicker; total of 36 meters of line space spread over 4 arms & 6 tiers; low enough for more ease; exceptionally strong and durable

4.2 / 5
7. Brabantia WallFix (Wall Mounted Option) Features 24 m line space with wall-mount option; frame made of sturdy rust-repelling material; frame & lines can be pulled down & comes with fabric cover

4.2 / 5
8. Brabantia Compact Has line drying space of 40m; space saver with 3 arms + aluminum steel frame; lightweight but remains solidly in place without bend & comes with ground spike in high quality plastic + hanging loop for easy storage

4.0 / 5


1. Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Line

One of the best brands for rotary washing lines is Brabantia and their most recommended product is the Brabantia Lift-O-Matic Rotary Line. The Lift-O-Matic lives up to the expectations and the name, as it deserves our top spot on this list of rotary lines.

This rotary washing line has 50 meters of line space, 4 arms and 10 tiers which gives it better than average capability. It’s also designed like an umbrella to be opened and closed smoothly for easy storage. The steel frame as well as the four arms is undeniably strong and holds weight easily – easily several loads of laundry at a time. You can also adjust the height of the frame, getting your work done more quickly and easily.

The product itself easily lasts several years, and is backed up by wonderful customer support, which has helped establish Brabantia as one of the top home care companies. Come see why users are RAVING about the Brabantia brand, and their top product.

2. Home Laundry Company Premium 40 Meter Rotary Washing Line

Anyone who prefers to dry their clothes outdoors will appreciate the convenience of the Home Laundry Company Premium 40 Meter Rotary Washing Line. With up to 40 meters in line space spaced out over four arms you’re guaranteed that more than one load of washing will fit.

There’s a ground spike included to fix the line firmly in the ground and a weatherproof cover to guard it from moisture. Overall, it’s really well constructed – the line does not rust or corrode easily. Its aluminum steel frame is durable and capable of bearing the weight of all your wet clothes.

It comes with a cover which is nice to have, but it’s not that strong so don’t rely on it. Fortunately, because of the solid construction and site quality it won’t matter much. Store it during times of heavy rain and weather and it’ll last a while.

3. Marko Homewares Four Arm 40 meter Rotary Clothes Dryer

Among rotary washing lines, the Marko Homewares Four Arm 40 meter Rotary Clothes Dryer is known for its top quality. Even with little space on your yard, this line easily fits. Its line space stretches to 40 meters and it’s divided into four arms, more than enough room to hang all your clothes plus household linen. Because of its aluminum construction, it’s sturdy and can withstand rain and moisture. A cover is also included to shield the line from the elements when you’re not using it. This model has a ground spike as well to keep it steady and secure.

4. Brabantia Topspinner (40m Option Shown)

The Brabantia Topspinner is available in 40, 50 or an impressive 60 meters of line drying space. Unlike other rotary washing lines where you have to walk around to hang your clothes on each line, the Topspinner conveniently lets you stay in one place. You just spin the top of the frame to access any side of the line. It has four arms and it’s designed so that you can adjust it three ways. The lines are tough and water resistant and a ground spike keeps the frame stable.

5. Minky – Rota-Lift 60 Aluminium Rotary Washing Line

Minky Rota Lift 60m, 4 arm, Rotary Airer
List Price: £99.99
Price: £69.99
You Save: £30.00
Price Disclaimer

The Minky – Rota-Lift 60 Aluminium Rotary Washing Line stands out from the rest for its remarkably long drying line providing up to 60 meter of line space. This line is equipped with four arms and 10 tiers to hold more than one load of washing, just right for a large family. The water repellent steel frame and heavy duty lines make this a worthwhile investment for any household. Another great feature is its adjustable height so you can hang all your clothes quickly and without overextending your arms.

More Options (but we recommend the above)

6. Hills Rotary 6 Washing Line

The Hills Rotary 6 Washing Line lets you use less energy and save more money as you dry your clothes outside. You can hang plenty of clothes without taking up too much space. It also makes drying quicker as you don’t have to walk from one end of the line to another as you would a normal drying line. With a total of 36 meters of line space spread out over 4 arms and 6 tiers, this washing line is perfect for a small family. It’s low enough to keep everything within reach. At the same time, it’s exceptionally strong and durable.


7. Brabantia WallFix (Wall Mounted Option)

Another praiseworthy product from Brabantia is the Brabantia WallFix. If you’re doing only your own washing, this 24 meters line space is sufficient for your drying needs. Like the name implies, this rotary line is attached to the wall instead of the ground so you can place it under a roof overhang to dry your clothes even when it rains. The frame is also made of sturdy material and will repel rust. In addition to that, the frame and lines can be pulled down to make it easier to put away when it’s not used. As a bonus, it even has a fabric cover.


8. Brabantia Compact

With the Brabantia Compact rotary washing line, you have a budget-friendly option with a line drying space of 40 meters. It’s one of the ultimate space savers for those who only need to do minimal washing. The line has three arms and an aluminum steel frame. It’s lightweight but robust and it remains solidly in place without any bending even when weighed down with wet clothes. Its ground spike is high quality plastic and it includes a hanging loop at the top so you can store it easily. You can also choose from three ways to arrange it so you can adjust it to your convenience.

Line drying conserves energy and saves money, and these rotary washing lines are the ideal tool to help you line dry your clothes. Different models are available to suit your preferences and provide convenience. They’re strong and easily last several years, so they can serve you and your household well.

Rotary Washing Line Buying Guide

Rotary washing lines provide an eco-friendly option to household owners looking for something where they can hang clothes to dry. They are capable of drying your clothes without the hefty electricity costs that will continue to pile up when you use a condenser or vented tumble dryer. They appear as a vertical pole with extended arms that have rowers of lines for your clothes. Getting your own rotary washing line will make your life easier and your electricity bills lower, but there are a few important things that you have to consider before heading out to make a purchase. Read on.


You have to know the amount of space available in your garden, as well as how big your family is. Rotary lines come in various shapes, designs, and sizes to choose from. Some models have three arms, while others have four. There are also models that are wall-mounted for household owners with limited garden space.

The smallest rotary line has a turning circle of 1.8 meters, but can still give you 30 meters of washing line. This is already enough for two people. If you have a large family, a rotary line that is five meters in diameter and up to 60 meters of washing line should be perfect for a group of three to six people.


The materials used in the rotary washing line play an important role in its durability and efficiency. Rotary lines usually feature combinations of plastic-coated polyester and aluminium for the lines and hoist pole, respectively. Some hoists are made of high-tensile galvanized steel, with anti-UV plastic casing to cover the 22 polyester filaments.


You should also check whether there are exposed fasteners on the washing line because these are unsafe. You do not want any hassle when you lock or unlock the lines, as well. Look for a rotary line with a ground socket or spike and the arms can be folded upwards. If you have limited space, then you should look for a rotary washing line with a folding airer for easy storage.


The length of warranty indicates how confident a manufacturer is when it comes to the quality of their rotary lines. It is best to buy one with at least five years of warranty. Some units even offer a ten-year warranty coverage.

A rotary line can significantly help you reduce your electricity costs while giving you enough room for everyone’s clothes. The tips above are all the important factors to consider when looking for a rotary washing line. Noting them down will help you find the best device for your clothes.


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