UKs Best Tens Machines Reviews & Buying Guide


For those looking for a solution to their body aches and pains, the TENS machine is an excellent alternative to medication. TENS, or Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, utilizes low voltage electric current for therapy directed at the nerves. TENS machines can range from combination and handheld to miniature machines. Combination TENS machines have both TENS and EMS functions. EMS is Electronic Muscle Stimulation, similar to TENS but is focused on muscle contraction. Handheld TENS machines are a compact version of traditional TENS machines for home use. The smallest of the line, miniature TENS machines, are even smaller and more portable than handheld devices. However, consequently, they may lack the impact of larger models, unless you choose units of higher quality.

There are several TENS machines now available in the market that it’s quite a challenge to select the best one. Here’s our guide on what to look for in a TENS machine, plus some of the highly recommended products.

1. Premier Plus TENS Machine: 10/10

●12 tens programs and muscular modes
●99 intensity levels
●Lifetime Warranty

Med-Fit 3 Digital Dual Channel Tens Machine 9.4/10

●Digital controls and clear display
●5 adjustable modes
●Lightweight and slim for portability
3. Wireless Mini TENS Machine by Natures Gate: 8.5/10

●Very compact
●10 modes, 16 intensity levels

TENS Machine Buying Guide:

1. What modes does the machine offer?

Some machines have pre-set modes for first-time users or those who want something basic and simple. Also, check on the number of pads and electrodes attached to the machine. More pads and electrodes mean you can use the machine simultaneously on various body parts. You might want to consider a dual channel machine as well since this lets you choose independent settings for at least two pads.

2. What intensity levels does it have?

Take a look at the power and intensity level of the machine. You’ll want to be able to choose different intensity or strength levels depending on the pain you’re feeling.

3. How easy is it to use?

The machine’s ease of operation should also be considered. How many buttons are there? How do you control the settings? The size of the display will also matter. Can you see and read it clearly?

4. How portable is the machine?

A smaller unit is more convenient since you can take it anywhere but be sure it’s of high quality or it might not have enough power or intensity. Also, take into consideration the weight of the machine and its storage container.

5. What kind of battery does it use?

Some machines especially of the combination type might need to be plugged in to work but there are also a lot of rechargeable options nowadays that use either standard or lithium batteries. Look into how long will the machine will last before it needs charging or replacement of the batteries.

6. How long is the warranty?

Compare the unit’s warranty with other units. Does it reach the standard? Another thing to consider is how long before the parts need to be replaced and if they’re easy to find.

Top 7 TENS machines:

1. Premier Plus TENS Machine: 10/10

The Premier Plus TENS Machine is a digital TENS machine with various outstanding features. It’s a combination TENS and EMS machine with 12 TENS programs and 12 muscular modes. Driven by either a 9V battery or AC

adaptor, it also features 99 intensity levels for the best pain management. The large LCD display, easy-to-operate push buttons and timer make this a very user-friendly device – whether you’re a tech savvy millennial or someone who typically shies away from electronics and new technology.

Regarding portability, it can be attached to the belt with a metal clip. As a bonus, it comes with a lifetime warranty. Users are impressed with how well this machine works at relieving pain.

2. The Tens Company Med-Fit 3 Digital Dual Channel Tens Machine: 9.4/10

If you prefer a dual channel TENS machine, the Tens Company Med-Fit 3 is a terrific choice. With its digital controls and sizable and clear display, it’s simple to understand and easy to use. It features a selection of five modes and you can adjust the settings for length, frequency and intensity.

This device also operates on a 9v PP3 Battery. It’s lightweight, slim and comes with a sturdy belt clip, plus a lifetime warranty. Most customers have rated this product highly for its effectiveness.


3. Wireless Mini TENS Machine by Natures Gate: 8.5/10

Among the miniature TENS machines, the Wireless Mini TENS Machine by Natures Gate is a stand-out. Not only is it a compact machine that fits most conveniently in your pocket or in your hand, a perfect travel companion, it’s also wireless, no more lead wires that get tangled. The LCD display is clear and readable and the control buttons are easy to manage as well. With 10 modes, 16 intensity levels and a 30 minute timer, you have several options and settings to choose from. Unlike other TENS machines though, it only has a one year warranty.

4. Accurate Dual Channel TENS Machine

Another dual channel TENS Machine that will let you customize two different settings for the pads is the Accurate Dual Channel TENS Machine. The highlight of this machine is its accuracy and precision in delivering pain relief. Instead of a digital display though, it has a view window which shows you a clear image of the settings, including a timer. This unit is powered by a 9v battery and it comes with its own carrying case, together with a lifetime warranty. Unique to this device is a safety cap which helps you avoid accidentally nudging the controls.

5. Med-Fit 1 Dual Channel TENS Machine

A brand well-known for top quality TENS machines, Med-Fit’s bestseller is their Med-Fit 1 Dual Channel TENS Machine. A favourite among users because of its simplicity and effectiveness, the Med-Fit 1 is an analogue device with easy to manipulate dials. This machine features three modes and several settings. It also works like a charm at removing body aches and pains, plus it’s lightweight and can easily be carried, attached to your belt. A reliable and sturdy device, the unit even comes with a lifetime warranty.

6. Lloydspharmacy TENS Digital Pain Reliever

The Lloydspharmacy TENS Digital Pain Reliever is a digital dual channel TENS Machine that many users choose for its affordability and effectiveness. It features a convenient, clearly visible digital display and buttons that are easy to understand and no problem to use. This device also has 25 intensity levels and several modes for different treatments. Powered by three AAA batteries, it’s small and weighs very little so you can take it with you wherever you go. It does a great job of providing a fast comforting massage and soothing pain relief.

7. TensCare MamaTENS Digital Maternity Machine

While standard TENS machines are discouraged for pregnancy, there are a few that can safely be used to cope with labour pain. One of these TENS machines suitable for expecting mothers is the TensCare MamaTENS Digital Maternity Machine. Mothers can enjoy gentle soothing pain relief without fear of any adverse effects on their baby. This machine offers three pre-set modes for each labour stage. The digital display and handy buttons are simple, easy to use and very convenient. It can be used either with its neck cord or belt clip and requires two 1.5 volt AA batteries.

TENS is a gentle but effective way of coping with aches and pains from various conditions. Backaches, arthritis, sciatica, multiple sclerosis and in some cases, labour pain can all benefit from drug-free TENS therapy. The units listed here are the best in the business; just be sure to decide on a TENS machine specifically suited to your needs.

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