Panasonic ES-LV95-S811 5 Blade Wet / Dry Shaver Review


I was looking for a high-level razor , and found next to the two top dogs of Braun and Philips but actually a razor , which can be found at least in the large electric markets barely . Panasonic shaver remain rather exotic in this country .

My Panasonic ES-LV95

Nevertheless , just appeared new and the motto ” no risk no fun ” I ordered from Amazon for just over £200 , probably with an uneasy feeling that the top Braun is a lot cheaper . The basic concept is still the same , both grate the whiskers by the shear blade from left to right.

With so much money , the expectation is of course very large, but I think as a part of almost every day in the hands , and there may , indeed must be so cost a little device . What you get now ? I can make it short, after an acclimatization period of about five shaves is the result of a shock to every man. The term close shave experience the full confirmation here . After 3-5 minutes everything feels very ” protected “, which Panasonic ES-LV95-S811 is working really amazing gentle to the skin after only a few moves , so that the final slippers with shaving cream can only guess at the outset that alcohol is included here. In short , jock itch, there is not.

The guiding the Panasonic ES-LV95-S811 succeeds wonderfully, it is handy, by the two-tone also quite chic , though made ​​entirely of plastic. This, however, will go to the weight , the part is almost lightweight.

The chapter of noise pollution should not go unnoticed. The sound is familiar to all who have ever had a brown, whether up or down , I can not judge. There have been measured 70db of me at a distance of 10 centimeters. It is now acceptable to me after a few weeks . What I consider to be quite handy is the rattle noise , ie you can hear exactly where is still to ” get ” what and where it just enough . It’s like a vacuum cleaner when you absorb dry rice . Sounds kind of stupid, but it really is true . Thus, the operating volume is the bottom line is not as quiet as like maybe in a Philips with rotating blades , but brings its advantages .

Vibrations are equal to zero exist, they are hardly aware of it , this is probably the linear motor, which operates with considerable 14000 movements , total effect the whole shaving unit very well thought out. This is equipped with all five blades , which significantly shortens the duration of shaving and the result ? Hm , even the evening yet strangely smooth, very unusually , a beard Fruster ? No, joking aside , the part snips so deep that nothing long enforcement , where everyone here has to do his own experiences.

The Panasonic ES-LV95-S811 has reportedly over a beard sensor. I see therefore somewhat smugly , because there probably is behind a marketing gimmick . The sensor detects M.E. the beard density and length by means of the force to be applied , or motor power and then screwed back the speed with only slight growth of beard . I do not know what to put this. Maybe it will show the time and I have only another week completely unshaven run through the area. In short, when pressed once, the switch, the sensor is activated , press again means full power – I actually always wants.


  • First class shave
  • No vibrations
  • Well made , stylish design
  • Light and very handy
  • Very gentle on the skin
  • Cleaning station is a must device is squeaky clean


Until now nothing but if I would improve somewhat in the detail area , then this:

  • When removing from the cleaning station , the device hooked something
  • Quieter cleaning process! The first 10 minutes are hardcore , sounds like ten sheep that mow at the same time . The cleaning station you can insulate somehow .
  • Love Panasonic People: A Hard for the trip, the schedule please even the plastic bag is okay though , but something noble should do the trick

Conclusion: Over £200 a lot of money . This gives it an exclusive small miracle part that makes every day fun , if you use it exclusively dry. The concept with the five blades completely convinced . Panasonic ES-LV95-S811 is really high-end.

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9.3 Outstanding
  • EASE OF USE 10
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 5


  1. i bought my dad this for Christmas last year and he loved it, he loves how light-weight it is. It look really cool also.

  2. I’ve actually been considering a replacement for my husbands disposable razors and he had something similar to this before. After some looking we’ve been thinking this is the one to get. I love the look of it and the style of the razor itself. Much better than the rotating heads. My husband found that those pulled, more than cut and he gave up on it very quickly.

  3. Nice review, I have never really been able to use a dry razor because i have such sensitive skin. Looking into this razor i found that alternating between the wet and dry function will actually help my skin. Awesome product.

  4. I got this as my first electric shaver. I like it but…

    1. I still managed to cut myself around the mustache region. I was a bit surprised and disappointed by that.
    2, It’s not as close or a precise a shave as a 25c two blade bic shaver that I’ve used a dozen times. It’s not that much faster either.

    It does work great for a quick dry shave. I don’t know yet about a wet shave. To be fair though I got it to quickly do my armpits which I don’t like doing with a blade as much. It significantly cuts down on BO. I can do that with a blade the first time but after that you just need something quick to clear out stubble. It works well there.

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