Guide to Buying the Best Airbrush Makeup Kit


Traditional makeup gave us the look of yesteryears although there are still several of them that still provide a good-looking face. However, the advent of the airbrush technology made women rethink their options. Suddenly, airbrushing became the trend. Nevertheless, there are some snags when it comes to using this beauty implement. Beginners tried it after seeing pro makeup artists did their thing but most often, they fail.

Airbrushed makeup should last long. This means you have to learn how to apply it thinly using a steady hand. Nozzles come in different sizes so the finest tip can provide you with the best application. Airbrushing uses a spray-dot pattern to prevent traces of brush marks from showing.

So, how would you know if you are getting the right makeup kit? Below this line are some aspects that can guide you.

• Look for a waterproof makeup kit if you are too busy to retouch during after work meetings, conventions or wedding parties. There are makeup systems that can stay longer for 24 hours.

• Find yourself a kit that allows only a few drops but promises a good coverage. This doesn’t only make you save on foundation but time.

• A system that uses light mist technology provides a cool and gentle feeling and your skin will never feel dry. Check if it is hypoallergenic to make your skin safe from harm. Water-based makeup is good for sensitive skin.

• Choose something that has a wide range of coverage. You can use it from hairline, lips, eyes, and not just for your face. Saves you extra money on this type of product.

• Beginners should be on the lookout for things included in the package like parts and an instructional manual. Check also for parts, compressor, and replacement warranties to make sure you get a full value for your money.
Here are some of the best airbrush makeup kits sold today:

1. Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Kit

The Art of Air Airbrush Makeup Kit is one of the best brands currently sold in the market. You can get a complete set to start working on it and it can be used straight out of the box. The kit includes a 4-piece foundation set, blush, shimmer, bronzer, and an anti-aging primer makeup airbrush kit with the color of your choice.
This kit is a great gift for beginners and provides an even coverage, smooth texture finish, and very easy to use. However, the compressor hose connected to the airbrush is a bit long that makes it tangle in the middle. There are different shades available that can match various skin types and tones. With a tag price of £1,304.43, it’s a little expensive for a newbie but based on how it creates a new look, it hits the mark of excellence.

2. Tickled Pink Airbrush Makeup Kit with Aloe-Based Foundations

This makeup kit sells at a low £119.95 but comes with a 12-month compressor warranty and a free lifetime maintenance support for its airbrush gun which makes buyers feel satisfied. The kit contains 3.5-oz foundation, a moisturizer, and a waterproof sealant. If it’s the first time you are using it, never worry about that; it is easy to use and the airbrush cooperates too well with its users. This unit is preferred for home use but highly suggested for beauty salons as well.

This portable lightweight makeup is made of 89% aloe which is perfect for users with sensitive skin. Redness, irritations, or rashes associated with using makeup that is incompatible to the skin pH is history because this makeup is rich in anti-oxidants. The package includes three (3) aloe-based liquid foundation shades, a silent compressor, AC adapter, airbrush; as well as an airbrush holder and flexible hose.

3. Airbrush Makeup Kit by Dinair

The Dinair Personal Pro Airbrush makeup kit is the perfect tool to minimise skin imperfections. The makeup, which is a high definition ready media kit, is capable of providing a natural-looking finish and good enough to use every day. It can cover a whole lot of facial issues like tattoos, age spots, scars, and skin breakouts.

Besides these, this flawless foundation enhances or tones down facial features like creating fuller lips, play down the jaw line, make eyes look smaller and create a more fabulous you! Sold at £153.00, it includes a high-powered silent Digital Pro, a Pro beauty airbrush, a moist and dewy moisturiser, spray tan, free DVD instructional, and eight (8) ¼-oz foundations in light and fair shades. It also comes with a UK power supply, airbrush case, water bottle, distance guide, a travel pouch, and many more.

4. Professional Airbrush Makeup System by Belloccio

The Professional Airbrush Makeup System by Belloccio sells at £237.62 and carries so many features that women would love to own. It is a perfect system for airbrush beginners and creates a natural look you wish to have every day. Belloccio provides airbrush users with a professional set of affordable and flawless looking high definition makeup ideal for everyday use, close up pictorials or formal occasions.

This offers the quickest and easiest way of applying makeup that makes you consume half the time you spent when using traditional types. The complete system contains airbrush cosmetic makeup system, noiseless mini airbrush compressor which includes three (3) airflow settings, an airbrush holder, and a 6-foot push-on rubber airbrush hose. It uses a precision single-action gravity feed airbrush with a 0.4mm nozzle, operates at 12v, comes with 110v AC adapter, and a 1/16-oz cup.

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