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I’ve always used a normal razor and was always very satisfied, but was a bit annoyed that I always needed to be showering or in the tub to shave my legs. I saw my sister had a similar product to this, and she showed me how it worked – I had to havee one.


I found this Braun LS 5160 shaver and was immediately sold on the product.

I was so excited that I immediately ordered the product and it then after a few days it arrived in the post.

I tried this and was totally convinced! It was running properly, removing hair very well – although for some spots you need to go over it a few times but it doesn’t take very long. It does not hurt a bit – so it does not scratch, does not irritate the skin (at least not for me) and also doesn’t leave any scratches or other redness.

All in all it’s a really great product.

I recommend this Braun LS 5160 Silk & Soft Bodyshave to anybody who is considering to establish a dry shaver!!


  1. I think this review might me missing a couple of parts? Maybe it’s just the way the text is arranged that made it weird… I wish I could understand this review a little better because I’m very interested in getting an epilator and my friend also recommended me this one. From what I could gather, it’s a great thing that it doesn’t irritate the skin, since I have a very sensitive skin.

  2. I generally liked the review, though the word “Habs” threw me off. It was pretty easy to follow and I loved the excitement. I have been looking for a shaver for myself for a while and have tried an epilator before but it ended horribly. Maybe I will try this one next.

  3. review for this could use a little tweaking but im really excited to try this product i have been searching a while for a quality shaver and im really excited to try this one!!!

  4. The review is formatted a little strangely, but I love how enthusiastic you seem! I think it would be much easier to read if you didn’t add the unnecessary line breaks, and it could use a run through spell check for grammar and usage. All in all, a good review with wonderful positivity and excitement, but it needs a little editing in my opinion.
    I’ve been looking for a good hair removal product, and I just ran out of Nair so I’ll definitely check out the Amazon link. 🙂

  5. My boyfriend has a lot of issues when it comes to shaving since he is pretty much a walking carpet. Most of the razors he has tried have failed when it comes to shaving his beard. The hair is so coarse that it gets caught in the blades all the time. I’ve been looking to buy him something new, something better. This seems to be at the top of the charts since my friends recommended it to me. Alas, it was hard following the review here. I feel that it could have gone into a little more detail about the usage of the product but all in all, its a decent review.

  6. I need this i know when i shave i almost am to the point of cutting myself. I like the smooth design and it seems it has a smooth texture also.

  7. I was looking for a razor for my girlfriend on her birthday. She uses those horrible disposables and it leaves her skin so irritated. I think this will work nicely and she will love all the extras that come with it.

  8. The review could use some editing and more information. However, overall it sounds like a razor to look into. I read recently about saving money by buying an electric razor (for both men and women) as they last longer than disposable razor blades. I do need to find some more reviews on this one, though, since there isn’t a lot of information.

  9. I have a Braun epilator, and it really is a lovely device, but it is usually too painful for me to get very far. The only disposable razor blades I can use are Intuition, and those are $15 for 3 and that’s way too expensive. I like Veet, but it’s pretty inconvenient. Maybe I should try a shaver like this. It looks like a good value and it’s worth a shot!

  10. Braun have always made excellent quality shavers so I’m not surprised you found their latest offering so easy to use. The only real issue I have with shavers is that they don’t give a close enough shave. This is particularly important for legs.

    This model costs £35.65 at Amazon right now and whilst this is not the cheapest device out there, it’s certainly worth paying a little extra for the guaranteed Braun quality.

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