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A hot air brush can do wonders to your hair. It does better in styling your hair than the regular dryer or straightener. This versatile styling tool can give volume to your hair, making it smoother, straighter, or even add some bounce to it.

Some users even opted to replace their hairbrush with this one as it helps them save time. It allows you to style your hair in just minutes without causing damage. This article will give you a review on some of today’s best hot air brush models that are worth checking.

Revlon Hot Air Paddle Brush

Revlon released its own revolutionary hot air paddle brush that claims to dry and style your hair in one go. It is the perfect brush for the busy people. The device leaves your hair dry, smooth, silky, and frizz-free. All you need is to brush your towel-dried hair and allow its soft bristles to detangle and remove the frizz for outstanding results.

It uses ionic technology that locks in the moisture, but gets rid of the frizz. While not as effective as a hair straightener, the Revlon hot air brush can still straighten your hair and even add body to it. It also makes your hair manageable enough to last the day. Best of all, it gets your hair done in half of the time without the hassle.

Nicky Clarke Frizz-Control Blow Dry Styler

The Nicky Clarke frizz-control hot air brush kit contains two sizes: 20mm and 38mm. The package also includes an air-flow nozzle and a straightener attachment. It comes with two speed settings and two heat settings. With so many features to offer, this model has got to be one of the most versatile kits around today. It allows you to experiment with different styles, thanks to the variety of styling options in one kit.

This device uses ceramic to ensure smooth, silky, and frizz-free hair. The material is also responsible for its quick heating, helping you save time whenever you style. The bigger brush size, the 38mm, will produce more volume and body when desired.

BaByliss Big Hair Rotating Styler

This Babyless Big Hair styler rotates to style your hair. Its brush is available in two sizes: 42mm and 50mm. Unlike the Nicky Clarke brush, however, this one sells the brush sizes separately. What’s nice about this Babyliss brush is its two heat settings that also comes with a cool setting for versatility. The barrel is made of ceramic, and contains soft brush bristles.

The brush is highly recommended for users with big hair who want to enjoy maximum volume. It also works pretty well for both short and long hair styles. The design caters to users with long and big hair styles, but can also accommodate shorter lengths. If you have really long hair, then the 50mm may be the match for you.

Remington AS7051 Curl and Volume

The Remington Curl and Volume AS7051 has two different brush sizes, 21mm and 50mm. The package also comes with a 30mm retractable bristle brush to accommodate nearly all hair types. It uses 1000watts of power to get the job done fast while producing outstanding results.

You will enjoy two speed and two heat settings, as well as a cool shot. The only possible downside would be the location of the on-off switch that you might accidentally press. Overall, this model proves to be value for money with its powerful features.

Sassoon Tangle-Free Hot Air Styler

This Sassoon hot air brush offers two attachment heads: 19mm for short hair, and 25mm for medium-length hair. It has two speed and heat settings for you to experiment with. You can easily adjust the temperature and speed to accommodate your preferred hair style.

It is basically a great option for those who want to look great, but are tight on budget. The device is designed to add volume and lift from the root, resulting in gorgeous waves and curls. Best of all, the curl-release switch will help avoid tangles and create flicks and curls easily.

Vidal Sassoon Infra-Radiance Hot Air Styler

The Vidal Sassoon hot air styler has a brush size of 38mm. It has three heat settings to offer: cool and fast, hot and fast, and warm and slow. You can experiment with these settings to see which works for what hair style.

The device is best for creating silky straight or smooth and frizz-free waves. The brush is made of ceramic-tourmaline for quick and even heating without causing damage. You will be amazed by the results, making you realize that you can always achieve salon-quality styles with this one.

Tresemme 2776U Salon Professional Styler

Users with thick or long hair who want to create effortlessly voluminous curls will want to check out this Tresemme professional-grade styler. It works well on long and thick hair, but also does great on fine and short hair. If you have the latter hair type or style, then, make sure to use the lowest heat setting to avoid burning the strands.

The device is lightweight and compact, so you can bring it wherever you go. It is also convenient to use because of its weight and design. It makes it easier for you to reach the back of the head. Some users reported having dry and styled hair in just 10 minutes.

Revlon 5265CU Shape and Smooth Hot Brush

This Revlon hot air brush is capable of producing smooth and volumized hair without hassle. Since it is lightweight, it makes a great travel companion. You can style your hair anywhere you go. This device is perfect for short, fine, and straight hair. It is capable of producing wonderful curls for almost any hair texture.

However, this model is not advisable for extremely long hair as the brush is not big enough to accommodate this length. The good news is that this styler comes at an affordable price, and features two heads: 19mm and 23mm. The package also includes a vent brush, which makes this unit an all-around budget styling tool.

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