Gadget:Fit Power Vibration Plate Review


The oscillating movement of the plate allows a workout for 95% of your muscles, thereby reducing the muscle mass and toned, while body fat and cellulite are reduced. Machine weighs 27kg (please note this during transport / lifting). Efficient 600W motor Display shows time, speed and pulse. Anti-lock braking and Ani-static mechanisms. 50-step speed setting.

Update June 2016. The Gadget: Fit model is currently unavailable. We’ve found the current top vibration plate in terms of reviews, ratings and customer satisfaction. Details are below!

Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer
List Price: £159.99
Price: £129.99
You Save: £30.00
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Gadget:Fit Power Vibration Plate Experience

As an addition to workout in the fitness club I ordered the Gadget:Fit Power Vibration Plate for the home. Within days, the package was there.


  • Maximum user weight: 120kg. 3 preset programs
  • Machine Size: 70 x 60 x 122 cm
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very stable
  • Very quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Training is fun


  • Exercise timer is preset to 10 minutes, can not be set individually

However, the negative aspects are not critical to the function of the device. I exercise 20 minutes a day. About youtube I have picked out exercises and provided a special training program together. It is unclear to me, however, whether the adjustable vibration speed of the vibration frequency is in Hz. Since the manufacturer’s missing it. The choice of frequency is crucial, whether it comes to relaxation, massage or muscle building. Since I would have liked a specific manufacturer’s instructions. So everyone has to try for themselves.

There are so many possibilities, so many exercises that one with the Gadget:Fit Power Vibration Plate can make vibrator vibrating plate. Just the best!

Recommended Model:

Confidence Pro Fitness Vibration Plate Trainer
List Price: £159.99
Price: £129.99
You Save: £30.00
Price Disclaimer

Vibration Plate Buying Guide

Vibration plates have been increasing in popularity as fitness equipment but not much is known about them. Vibration plates can be any of three types: oscillation plates which move side to side, dual action vibration plates which, in addition to sideward motion, move in another direction, and tri-plane vibration plates which move three ways. If you wish to purchase a vibration plate, you will need more information about how to select the best one.

Here’s our guide to the must-have features of a vibration plate.

1. Power or watts

The motor’s power and performance will depend on its horsepower or watts. These can range from 120 to around 900 watts, with more powerful motors being more ideal as they can handle larger users. If you prefer a machine which produces lesser noise, powerful motors are also recommended since they can effectively generate the power needed with little effort.

2. Frequency

Frequency when it comes to vibration plates refers to the rate of speed of vibration from the plate, measured in hertz. Higher frequency ranges are best since they give you a more intense workout. If you require a low impact workout, however, or you’re still a beginner when it comes to fitness, lower frequency ranges would work better for you.

3. Workout modes or programs

Almost all vibration plates have workout programs set in to the system. This makes it more convenient and efficient since you don’t need to spend too much time customizing for your preferences. It will just be a matter of identifying which programs are more suited to your fitness goals.

4. Amplitude

How far the plate moves from the peak to the lowest spot during its vibration is called amplitude. This is usually gauged in millimeters with some products offering a single amplitude setting and others allowing you to adjust the amplitude. Similar to frequency, higher amplitude is best for maximum results but lower amplitude is preferable for beginners.

5. Plate size

The plate size you choose will depend on your body size and fitness aims. Larger persons will of course need more room and therefore a larger plate. If you wish to be able to perform exercises while using your vibration plate, you can also opt for a bigger plate size. Take note, though, that the larger the plate, the more power is needed for it to work well.


  1. I’ve been wanting to try the a power plate for the longest time. They say the exercise is very effective, and the results come quickly. I not sure if this is true, but I’ve heard that this is the kind of machine the astronauts use to train in space!

    This one looks very sleek and professional. Too bad the settings aren’t editable.

  2. forextraspecialstuff on

    I would like to try this machine but unfortunately my health club does not have one. I am considering purchasing one for home use but am not sure if it would be a good purchase for a machine which could be used as a piece of everyday exercise equipment. I like that it is quiet and easy to assemble but question a machine that says it delivers results that includes the reduction of cellulite…isn’t cellulite primarily genetic? I would be curious and would love to read some additional reviews.

  3. I also hope for more reviews from members. This seems to be the most space-conscious eqipment so far, which is a huge bonus. And with a young one at home, I like that it’s quiet. The predetermined settings aren’t really an issue for me, so the only question is how effective it is.

    That said, How well something works generally depends on how you work it! Definitely will consider this for my home.

  4. This looks amazing! I suffer from back pain and have used something similar at my therapist’s office, but I never even thought I could get one for home use. My back feels so much better when I’ve used whole body vibration, but I could only go three times a week. If I can get one of these in my house, I’d definitely use it seven times a week. Awesome!

  5. This is a great exercise machine for those who don’t love exercising. a.k.a. Most people. It’s almost as if the machine does the job for us. As a person who is in the field of biochemistry, I want to honestly congratulate the scientists who built this machine. It makes use of the body’s auto-balancing mechanism to create a calorie-burning exercise. And in replay to @FOREXTRASPECIALSTUF; yes cellulite has a genetic factor, but those genes causing cellulite can be suppressed (to some degree) if you maintain lower levels of stress. And it’s a proven fact that exercise reduces stress.

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