Christopeit Crosstrainer CS 5


8-stage, manual resistance adjustment
about 8 kg flywheel mass
Easy to use computer
Hand pulse measurement
Tread 3-way adjustable

Christopeit Crosstrainer CS 5 is a great device , I can only say.

Quick build :
It took my half afternoon to assemble this crosstrainer – even though I ‘m technically not particularly gifted. First one is struck by the guide, but if you follow it step by step , it is quite simple . At one point I found the instructions a touch indistinct. The idea was that the cable is not to slide into the tube. I thought to myself , why should it , but it hangs down ? But it was of course meant the upper end 🙂 A little tip: I was able to fish out the cable with barbecue tongs , so did not need to dismantle everything again. In any case, I have it right on alone. And I have towed the unit in separate parts for building two floors , which you can create as a woman . Only the whole package to me if it were not successful. But that does not have to , too.

The Christopeit Crosstrainer CS 5 is very quiet. Honestly the loudest the sound is my shoes while training 🙂 However, I still train on the lowest resistance and do not know if it might be in higher levels louder. In any case, you should again check all bolts after assembly .

Great training :
I initially only 8 minutes kept at a stretch , then made ​​pause and then two sets of 8 -minute breaks in between. Two days later I ‘ve done it for 10 minutes and made ​​four sets. My tip : Always make at least one day of rest between workouts. So train a day and do not exercise the next day. I ‘ve got no real muscle , but already notice significant progress – and all without torment I watch a DVD at the same time always on , which increases the motivation.
By the way, you should have a lot of patience and do not overload , otherwise you eventually get tired .
The displays on the device are OK, but did not have much experience with it . The pulse displays on the device are noisy Internet anyway never very accurate. But that also does not need. Pulse and optimal fat burning is always a fairy tale – just google time 😉 Then rather quickly and run long as is comfortable even for one. Hear a little on his body is golden.

The only (small ) Cons:
– I had wanted training tips in the manual , but one looks in vain . But for s gives the Internet.
– The foot rests are just as OK on the width of her – or so I have swollen feet ?

My conclusion: Christopeit Crosstrainer CS 5 is superb


  1. The grammar in this makes it difficult to understand. It sounds like it is easy to build if you read and interpret the instructions correctly. I am not sure what being a woman vs. a man has to do with it, perhaps the person meant that a smaller individual can manipulate the pieces? I’m looking for some good workout equipment, but cannot tell from this review if it would be for me or not. Some more specifics about the item and options it has for workout would be fabulous.

  2. It’s written by someone who does not speak English, and translated by Google Translate. That;s why it doesn’t all make sense.

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