Toshiba 40L2433DB 40-inch Widescreen Full HD TV


The Toshiba 40L2433DB has a full HD 1080p LED which is great value for a television. The TV has a 40 inch display that gives you the full goodness and clarity of the HD technology. The Toshiba also give you high quality image with sharpness and clarity thanks to the 200 Hz Advanced Motion Resolution (AMR). The products is also built in with a 50 digital channel and a further 24 radio stations straight out of the box. There are 2 HDMI input ports and a USB port to facilitate hook up all your other kit.

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Picture Quality

The Toshiba 40L2433DB 40-inch Widescreen Full HD TV gives you the very best in high quality images and pictures making everything look amazing whether watching sports for sports lovers or even soaps. The picture quality is backed by a200 Hz active AMR which combines with the Backlight Blinking and Backlight Scanning to give you the crisper and much clearer picture quality. All of this technological improvements come together to give you even better motion handling in the case of games and sports.

The has 2 HDMI inputs which makes it much more easier to connect your newer tech devices like the Blu ray player while the normal Scart input connects your older devices to the TV set. The two USB ports let you connect the TV to an external hard drive device and even look at photos on the screen’s media player. The PC input on the other hand facilitates connectivity on the Toshiba 40L2433DB TV with your computer thus using it as a computer screen. The adapter that comes with the TV enables to play sound, video and pictures from your PC.

From the Built-in Freeware one can access loads of channels facilitate by the freeware and also an eight day program guide which will in turn let you plan ahead. Lastly the in-built DVD player means one can save on space and does not require a different machine.

Sound Quality

The TV set is fitted with two 7 watt speakers giving you 14 watts of Dolby Digital and DTS high quality premium sound. There is a bass boost for those who fancy deeper sounds. The television speaker power is about 7 times less as compared to the ones you would find from a soundbar. For the lovers of full and rich cinema sounds they should consider a surround sound system.

Screen Technology

The Toshiba 40L2433DB uses hundreds of LEDs to provide a sharp and very vibrant display. This enables the TV to provide color ranges from deep dark to brilliant bright in whatever you are watching. The LED technology makes it a good energy saver TV which is very efficient compared to the Plasma display and LCD TVs. This simply means the T will save you money is the long run. The Toshiba 40L2433DB is very efficient for lovers of cosy movie nights in low lighting.

Get the Toshiba 40L2433DB 40-inch Widescreen Full HD TV for a great deal on Amazon

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