Samsung UE32F6800 32-inch Widescreen Review


Simply a work of art: This elegant TV series unit Samsung UE32F6800 has something to offer not only for its chic designs for every taste. With twice the speed of the dual core processor ensures together with technical highlights such as integrated Wi-Fi, the triple tuner and the boundless networking for smart Entertainment

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Reasons to buy Samsung UE32F6800

  • Will play many formatsa
  • Adequate number USB & HDMI ports
  • Wi-Fi capable
  • Fast Interface
  • In issue 08/13 Stiftung Warentest winner in TV sets with 32 inches
  • Touch the enclosed remote control is not essential, but a nice gimmick.


  • The two feet are not ideal if you only have a small TV cabinet – a solution with one foot in the middle would have liked better. (now is the TV just somewhere else, but is still annoying!)
  • Shift & Record unfortunately works only for digital programs.

Reviews Radar Update:

If the TV with the Samsung BluRay Player BD-F5500 is operated, the HDMI cable * necessarily * stuck in the designated port – I do not know what Samsung has done there, but at the centrally located port gave the player a loud, bright buzzing in standby mode by itself. Conversely Infected and the squeaking is gone.


7.3 Awesome

Simply a work of art

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  1. Great review, I agree with most things said. Although I will say that unless you KNOW how to use the Smart TV functions, you are better off saving a couple hundred bucks and getting the same TV without the Smart functions. I say this because my parents bought a Smart TV and are completely oblivious to all of its functions like Netflix, Hulu, being able to stream files from your computer, being able to plug in a USB drive and watching stuff saved on there, and many more features. If you are going to use some of these features, Smart TV will be practical and adequate for you, but if you don’t have a clue about what these features do I’d recommend just buying a TV of the same resolution and size without the Smart functions in order to save some money!

  2. Samsung is one of the top manufacturers of LED Tv’s, in my opinion. This review proves that once again, Samsung is the leader in its field. Great review!

  3. I need a new TV and this might just be the one. I’m not to hot on the Smart-TV feature. I think that it is a fad. I wonder if there is a version of the TV without the smart features. I wouldn’t mind the savings.

  4. Samsung’s picture quality has always been the best and when the best picture quality is combined with the smart tv functions, it makes up a really great TV experience. Great product. I’m planning on getting this for my brother.

  5. Wow! My TV doesn’t seem to be being very well nowadays. This TV looks like the perfect replacement! I love the looks, specs, and everything about it.

  6. I had a friend who used this tv. We had a great time playing around with all the smart functions. But, if you are the type of person that prefers utility and not having to worry your self about bells and whistles I would keep moving. On the other hand if you want to take your tv to the next level consider this tv!

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