LG 55LA660S 3D LED television


LED Plus: An image quality thanks to LED backlight!
Design fascinating finesse and elegance for a total immersion in the picture: Cinema Screen!
3D Cinema: A level of quality and comfort for a 3D experience in a friendly atmosphere!
Smart TV: A wide range of services and applications online to entertain you!

I’m very happy, the picture of LG 55LA660S 3D LED television is super nice.

3D works very well, both in source PC (HDMI) that via USB. The outline is very fine, unlike my old TV (LCD 5 years) and almost regret not having taken the above size.

For DualView mode, seeing a game, normally split screen on the screen, full screen works well, by cons, it was a bit of persistence of the other player, in strong contrast areas (white area on a black screen …) a little annoying, but not dramatic.

The recording mode works well, via an external hard drive, it will formatted previously. By cons, we must look at the chain that looks (or turn off the TV) no dual tuner.

In short, very happy for the price and the final result with LG 55LA660S 3D LED television




  1. I’ve heard a load of great things about LG products, and I know they won’t disappoint.

    My neighbor has this TV and it’s awesome to watch movies on it. He even said it’s worth the price and he recommended that I buy it as well.

    I give it a very high rating!

  2. We’ve got this TV at home. It’s really great watching movies on it. The full HD experience with my Xbox 360 is really amazing here. The colors are very sharp and the DualView feature is the best. It lets me watch movie while my dad’s watching game.
    I’d recommend this TV to anyone. It’s the best :)

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