LG 42UB820V Review | 42-inch Widescreen Ultra HD LED TV


Ultra HD TV has simply re-defined image quality. It provides 8 million pixels, compared to 2 million which is what full 1080p HD currently provides. You can now experience pin-sharp images on a 42″ screen. Here is a LG 42UB820V 42-inch Widescreen Ultra HD LED TV review:

Updated Model:


  • 2.0 HDMI ports
  • Smart TV
  • Headphone ports
  • Good connectivity
  • Fully integrated Wi-Fi
  • Ultra HD 4K TV that allows for great picture quality, 4 times better than full HD.
  • Magic Remote (4 mode) – Pointing, Wheel, Voice, Universal Control
  • 4 mode magic remote (wheel, universal control, pointing and voice)
  • Dual speakers


  • The LG 42UB820V 42-inch Widescreen Ultra HD LED TV is very affordable
  • Ultra HD looks great on the 42″ screen with both compressed and uncompressed 4K footage. The colours are more vivid and generally more immersive. The image sharpness is impressive, and can be compared to 1080 p sets that are currently available.
  • Normal HD content is as impressive as the 4K content, and has good image quality. Moreover, you can still watch SD content.
  • The magic remote works well and is comfortable to hold. It works well in different light settings. A standard remote is available.
  • The LG is a smart TV by many standards. There is a variety of available apps, for instance Netflix which allows you to stream your favorite T.V. show via Wi-Fi.
  • The speakers produce good enough sound. The audio is clear and it can fill a medium-sized lounge.
  • Connectivity is good, and there are no major issues with streaming content. The UHD TV also has a number of 2.0 HDMI ports, which have 4K standards, something that will continue to trend even in the future.
  • Wi-Fi is fully integrated, and you can use it for media streaming, browsing, and even apps like YouTube, BBCi, and NetFlix.
  • The configuration is also well done, and if you like tinkering you have a variety of picture settings to choose from- brightness, contrast, dynamic adjustments, gamma, colour, backlight, warmth, and black levels. If you are not much technically inclined, there are easier settings for you too.



A downside to the LG 42UB820V 42-inch is that if your Wi-Fi connection is not strong, streaming might not be the best. However, changing the router should remedy this. If the sound produced by the dual speakers is not adequate, you could opt for a sound bar.


All in all, the LG UHD is a worth purchase, because it has great features ranging from high image quality, good configuration with a variety of settings, Wi-Fi, a magic remote, and even apps. All this is at a very affordable price. This Smart TV works, well and the only downside to it is if you have weak internet connection. Purchasing a better router will allow you to enjoy the best UHD features.

8.7 Perfect
  • User Ratings (24 Votes) 5.7


  1. My uncle and aunt have this TV. Can confirm it’s pretty awesome. Watching the world cup with the volume turned up loud felt like we were actually in Brazil

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