Finlux 50FME242B-T Review |50″ FULL HD SMART TV


In this great entertainment age, we are looking for the next best thing. Something that will give you value for money. Something that will bring a word of high definition and all rounded entertainment into your living room. Something that will give you more control over your own entertainment. That is what the Finlux 50FME242B-T Smart TV does. This ultra-slim, 50 inch television is nothing short of spectacular. Not only is it beautiful and sleek to look at, but it has a host of features that will give you goose bumps.

Finlux 65-Inch 1080p Full HD Smart LED TV


  • In-built wi-fi
  • One of the very first things you will notice, besides the fact that the Finlux 50FME242B-T Smart TV has outstanding image, is that it comes with an in-built wi-fi connectivity. This means that you can now access the internet and watch all your favorite videos and movies straight from your TV and at the touch of your remote button.
  • It’s a smart TV
  • Finlux 50FME242B-T, has a very wide range of apps at your disposal. You can now go to YouTube, BBC IPlayer, Facebook and a host of other apps that come pre-installed to give you a much more rounded viewing experience.
  • Video calling from your TV

You now have Skype in your TV. Never again do you have to count on the tiny screen on your laptop to speak to loved ones. With the easy to use Finlux web portal, you can simply connect to Skype and call everyone on your list. You however, have to buy the camera separately. But that is a small price to pay for this level of convenience.

Movies on demand

The Finlux 50FME242B-T comes with an in-built Netflix app that allows you to view movies and thousands of TV shows on demand. All you have to do is sit back, pick up your remote and select what you want to watch.

High Definition viewing

This is one of the most outstanding features of this smart TV. It has an integrated freeview HD tuner. This allows you to watch your favorite programmes in mind boggling HD.

With all these new features, your entertainment has never been as good as it is now. With this beautiful, ultra-slim TV, you can now bring the world to your living room. The best part is that you can view that world in glorious high definition. Once you view your favorite programmes through this wonderful TV, you will not want to see them in any other way again. You will definitely like this TV.

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  1. I hope these wi-fi enabled TVs become standard in the future. It would be so awesome to be able to Skype over the TV without having to first connect a computer! Maybe the next generation of this TV will include a built-in camera too. It only makes sense.

    And if I get Netflix directly on my TV without having to use the Wii or attach a computer, I’ll probably never get anything done again. ūüėČ I’m kidding. That is so awesome. I love this television and hope this is what the future is going to bring.

  2. The ultra thin bezels and vivid colors make for an amazing experience. All the content that I played on the TV was very smooth. I love that it is a smart tv, which means less cords and more space since I don’t have to plug anything into it. It’s like a computer but with a way larger screen, I can browse the web, social network, and still watch videos and movies on it. I love it and the price is spectacular for what you get.

    • Hello,

      Because this TV is 50Hz, some people say that it may be blurry when watching sports or playing games. It that your experience with it?


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