Philips HTL2150/12 Soundbar Review


Soundbar speakers have become very popular in the last few years. These sound systems offer pristine sound quality and clarity at affordable prices. There is no need to buy any external speakers and just the soundbar+subwoofer is enough to create a great sonic atmosphere in your room. One of the most sought after models has been the Philips HTL2150/12 and it isn’t too difficult to see why. It has a number of awesome features and comes at a very reasonable price.

Philips HTL2150-12 Soundbar Review

The system uses highly advanced algorithms to replicate the experience of a surround sound 5.1 channel speaker system. The hassle of extra wires, speakers and speaker stands can be completely avoided. The compact size also makes it ideal for placing in front of your TV or DVD player. It does not take up any extra space. The audio-in is a very standard mp3 jack that allows direct connection to your music player, laptop or iPad. It also works with a variety of devices including TVs, mp3 players, laptops, iPad, iPhones or gaming consoles. The Philips HTL2150/12 also has really good sound clarity. Even though the sound is powerful, it does not get distorted. Adding in the sub woofer only enhances the overall experience. There is a separate surround sound mode that really brings out the best quality of the soundbar. Setting up the device is also very simple and installing it won’t take more than few minutes. For the price, it is definitely the best product in the market and has great value for money.


  • Low-rise profile
  • Ultra-compact
  • 60 W RMS Power
  • Virtual Surround Sound
  • Audio in
  • 6 Dolby Digital


  • The shape and size is very compact. You can put it up anywhere you feel like – on the wall, shelf or mounted on the TV.
  • Sound quality and clarity is very satisfactory. It has a very wholesome sound which is powerful and does not distort even at high volumes
  • The provided sub-woofer adds in that bit of power which makes for a compelling listening experience.
  • The use of Dolby Digital Technology also helps in providing great quality.
  • It is very cost effective and the best product in the market for the price range.


  • The remote control does not perform very well. It is slow and seems to die out at times.
  • There are no digital/co-axial cables inputs. Only the audio in has been provided.

This is definitely a great buy. You cannot go wrong with it. You might need to buy an extra digital cable for your TV but they aren’t even all that expensive.

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7.7 Awesome
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 6.6


  1. This Philips sound bar has Virtual Surround Sound technology for unbeatable intensity. Great for gamers wanting that extra sound quality.

  2. This looks really nice!

    I’ve been searching for something like this and I think I found what I was looking for and it wont break the bank ūüôā

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