Samsung MM-E460d Review


Samsung is a well known brand which never disappoints the music fans out there (this writer included), and the item Samsung MM-E460d pleasantly surprises. This new debutant to the iconic brand’s stable of music systems provides an incredibly rich and in depth bass sound with various vibrations echoing by way of its compelling speakers in order to make sure that you have low notes of sounds. This model’s tremendous sound is guaranteed to move your entertainment experience to greater levels and I must say, this is a must have gadget for all the music aficionados out there: be it rock, pop, classic, house or techno.

Samsung MM-E460D 120W Dual Dock

The overall picture according to our critical analyses for Samsung MM E460D Dual Dock system looks brilliant. Though, we still have to wait for and see further consumer response to it. However Samsung has made a great start with the promotion of this product and is keeping its promise of quality and durability. The features are brilliant for something which is really not a heavy weight when it comes to price. Finally, we hope our Samsung MM E460D review provides a good judgment for any decision makers out there.

If you are planning to hear some great sounds for an easy and affordable price, something that doesn’t put a weight on your wallet and makes your music sound even better, then you should surely go for the Samsung MM E460D. This is the most versatile and adaptable music solution offered in the market, not only because of its great features highlighted in the next section of this review but also because of its quality which is undoubtedly Samsung’s effort to establish a firm footprint on the whole music entertainment genre of electronics. With its fully functional value, you can make the most of its output capacity by connecting all your music players from IPOD to MP3 as well as other devices that need sound improvement and enjoy it as a one-stop sound making machine.

Product Features:

The Samsung MM-E460d has the following product features:

  • Radio recording. Its amazing radio recording capability could aid you in extremely record your fave podcasts, playlists or radio shows conveniently which are presently on air so that you could listen to them whenever you want to.
  • It has dual lock capacity. With this great feature, (this is by far the best highlight of this set, all in all) you could transfer effortlessly you music as well as digital files, connect your playlist online and you could achieve so much more making the most of its many connectivity functionalities and restoring music from center, left and right.
  • It has great connectivity. This model from Samsung comes with useful functional and connectivity options to choose from. It could modify itself to several outputs simultaneously. Its capacity to attach by way of headphones, a wire, mobile and AUX gives great scores to its being versatile.
  • This new Samsung MM E46OD is considered to be a valuable bonus at homes, wherein the music is very rich in terms of its taste, so eventually, people listening becomes very much alive. It actually generates the almost perfect digital sounds, and possesses ideal connectivity choices there is, thus, making it one of the most, if not, the most dependable systems in the market today.
  • This is one of the best items in terms of easy set up and connection. You can also use it with a remote control device and Bluetooth.

Ratings Summary:

In summary, the Samsung MM-E460d garnered an impressive rating of 4 out of 5 stars. For its review overview, it earned 5 stars for its performance, 3 stars for design, and 4 stars for its price.

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