Optoma DX5100 4:3 XGA Projector


Have Optoma DX5100 against my Samsung Full HD Beamer exchanged because of the 3D
I am really satisfied.
+ it delivers a super image in 2D and in 3D
+ it is small and compact
+ super sharpness

xtra-in Black mode bit louder but the setting is unnecessary because it has a super black level
easy-whistles but what the film does not interfere with. the best projector quality / price for Home Theatre perfect vision even with lights on or during the day, not too loud and very valuable in the absence of a sound system dolby
Super image, Eco mode, ultra quiet, very well made, a lot of options

Thanks to its brightness 2800L and contrast ratio of 000:1 15, the Optoma DX5100 can project bright, ultra-sharp and colorful images with DLP and BrilliantColor technologies. An incredible life of the lamp and the Eco + technology allows energy savings and money. Perfect for classrooms or meeting. Usable facility or traveling, the Optoma DX5100 comes with a carrying case and incorporates an HDMI input, a built-in speaker and Full 3D technology.

A strong buy recommendation.


  1. I would love a projector – I think it would be so fun to watch movies projected up on the wall! Unfortunately they are usually very expensive so it’s not a purchase that can be justified unless you really needed to buy one. This one is £500+ on Amazon! Oh well, a girl can dream.

  2. I have a projector at home, but my family and I have a difficulty in trying to get it to function better. It’s hard to use the controls of it and it doesn’t really do what we want it to do. It’s hard to use!

    The Optoma DX5100, on the other hand, is a whole different story. It looks very user-friendly and very pleasant for my family to use. It won’t cause us stress when we have to show a presentation on the screen!

  3. Great review! This projector seems very top of the line and really deserves the review it received. A 3D projector is pretty high tech and I would love to start seeing these things possibly being utilized in classrooms. The HD is also an extremely nice feature.

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