Panasonic HC-W570EB-K Full HD Camcorder Review of Price & Features


Panasonic, the trusted name in electronics from Japan, offers its Panasonic HC-W570EB-K Full HD Camcorder with Built-in Twin Video Camera. You can enjoy 5-axis hand shake features which provides a steady image for those long zoom captures. It also boasts of extremely long 50x zoom draws within the action even from incredibly far away locations.

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Panasonic HC-W570EB-K Full HD Camcorder Features:

  • You can connect a smartphone video camera or use second built-in video camera to achieve awesome image video effects.
  • Wifi capabilities. Remote shooting/remote view. Its “Panasonic Image App” allows you to utilize a smartphone or tablet as a remote in order to control the device from a distance
  • BSI Sensor. It records high-definition, low-noise photos despite any lighting conditions.
  • Wireless Twin Camera. With your smartphone’s Wi-fi, it lets you shoot from two angles simultaneously.
  • 28 mm Wide Angle. Its 28mm wide-angle (with its 35 mm camera equivalent) fits more people, plus more of the background within the frame.
  • 10.0 megapixel still photo recording. Its still picture recording mode allows you to shoot pictures with a maximum resolution of up to 10 megapixels.


  • According to one user, his much affordable webcam records better high definition videos than Panasonic HC-W570EB-K Full HD Camcorder, that he was disappointed with his purchase.

Panasonic HC-W570EB-K Full HD Camcorder Price

This model falls in the moderate price range and costs around £265.00 with FREE Shipping

User Reviews & Ratings:

Averaging an impressive 4.5 stars coming from 9 customer reviews, this model is a highly-rated option.

What Customers Are Saying?

“Excellent camcorder. Great quality/ clarity. Unlike many cameras on the market, this one excels at filming in low lighting and everything is seen clearly. Video does not shake at all and the broadcast feature is great. The quality of this camera is competitive with those in a higher price range. Extremely satisfied. Delivery was great as well.” From Jasmeet Dhaliwal

“The camera is awesome! The quality of the video is very high, as well as the photos. The idea of using the second camera is also interesting. The 90x izoom works great (the 3000x digital zoom is not so good though). This is a perfect buy for this sum of money. I definitely recommend it!!!!” From Alexandr

“Great camera. We use this to record our son’s football games so he can watch the next day. Zoom is amazing, picture is clear, easy to use. The price was great. Couldn’t ask for a better camera, without spending a fortune” From Awesome But…”

“Very pleased with the quality of pictures even when zooming in close at my sons football games. Surprised at how easy it is to use and wifi playback to tv is super.” From Mike in Texas

“Fantastic camcorder for the price, packed with interesting features and the stabilization is better than most camcorders I’ve worked with. Highly Recommend!” From Robert

“Great camcorder, love the twin camera feature. Highly recommend for New moms/dads!” From Doug

“I like how stable and clear it is” From John Marino

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