Creative Edge Solar Charger Review


Creative Edge Solar Charger Review

The Creative Edge Solar Charger is made of premium grade quality materials. The exterior of the device is made from silicone, which allows for the Solar-5 charger to be water, shock and dust resistant. This device is perfect for the outdoors; suitable for situations like hiking, sporting events, flights, camping and jobsites. It is designed specifically to be as compact, lightweight and portable as possible. The Creative Edge Solar charger is primarily a battery bank storing power to the built-in Lithium polymer battery. The device has dual charging ports to charge two devices at a time.

The unit even comes with an stark white LED flashlight activated by tapping the power button twice. The LED indicators also tell you how much power you have available. Creative Edge has noted that the solar charging should be used in emergency situations only, given that the small size of the solar panel limits charging time. Creative Edge recommends charging the Solar-5’s on-board battery from an external power source. Now, what’s in the box!? The package includes the Solar-5 solar charger, USB to microUSB cable, microUSB to Apple Lightning adapter and a carabiner clip. Reviewers on Creative Edge’s website give the product five stars.

Creative Edge Solar Review

One customer, Rachel Rice commented, “This was a gift for my boyfriend [I gave it to him because] he’s in the army and wanted something to charge his phone while he’s out in the field. It’s been a week since he left for training, … he says his phone was able to stay fully charged [after]2-3 hours of charging. [The Solar-5] stays clipped to his backpack so the internal solar battery can charge up throughout the day… [One] night, he downloaded and watched a movie without any concern for battery life… He’s very pleased with this product, I would highly recommend as a gift for a soldier.”

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The Creative Edge Solar Charger currently has 619 customer reviews on Amazon with 59% of them rating the product at 5 stars.

Bottom line is that you should buy the Creative Edge Solar Charger if you are the outdoors type or have a environmentally challenged career. Whether you’re a soldier or a civilian this device can get you out of having a dead battery and are away from any outlets.  I hope you enjoyed the Creative Edge Solar Charger review. 

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