Cloud 9 Hair Straightener Reviews


The Cloud 9 brand focuses on producing less heat, but more style. It uses a technology that styles your hair without using too much heat. This special feature helps protect your hair from damage due to heat exposure. Cloud 9 is run by one of the original founders of GHD, another manufacturer of hair straightening devices. This means all Cloud 9 hair straighteners come with high-quality features that can be purchased for both commercial and home use.

The Cloud Nine Original Iron

The Cloud 9 offers four models for you to choose from: original, wide, micro iron, and touch. All of them come in different features and prices. Read on to know more about each model, and see which one will best suit your hair styling needs.

Cloud 9 Original

The Original version has three heat settings. You can easily view the current heat setting on the LED display to avoid accidentally damaging your hair. In addition, this devices goes on hibernation mode when you leave it on and unused for a long time.

The swivel cord is long enough to provide flexibility. You can easily move around and style your hair. A special chip is also installed on each iron, containing a unique identification number for authenticity purposes.

Another interesting feature is the dual-adaptor. This will be very useful if you always travel, since you can switch to the two-pin plug should the need arises. You can also use its box for storage as it comes with an interesting design that is fashionable enough to be kept.

The Cloud 9 Original feels good in your hand as it is lightweight, solid, and comfortable. It will only take 30 seconds before it heats up, and you are good to go. The device glides smoothly through your hair, unlike other brands that pulls your hair during each use. The temperature settings were strategically placed next to the switch button, so you cannot accidentally change the setting as you style your hair.

Cloud 9 Wide

The Wide version has curved body and comes with ceramic plates to help you style your hair with ease. The plates are 4 centimeters wide and 9 centimeters long. You can choose among the seven heat settings, ranging from low to high. The teal green heat guard allows for safety, while the black carry pouch works for easy storage.

You will find a heat-resistant mat in the box where you can safely place the hair straightener. Like the Original version, the Cloud 9 Wide features dual-voltage, as well as a three-pin plug. This will be very helpful if you always go abroad.

The Cloud 9 Wide version glides smoothly on your hair without leaving any dents or kinks. The wider plates allow you to straighten the bigger sections of your hair, saving you about 10 minutes of styling time. Busy people will surely benefit from this feature.

Micro Iron

The Micro Iron version was designed for women with short hair, and men who want large quiffs or side partings. Its plate size is about 1.6 centimeters, while the unit is lightweight and is shorter than other models. You can easily fit it into your bag for some styling on-the-go.

This Cloud 9 hair straightener also costs half the price of the other models. The only downside is its lack of an LCD display to view its current settings, as well as a hibernation mode and a temperature control for a more convenient hair styling experience. However, this unit does have an international voltage and a heat guard.


The Touch version is Cloud 9’s latest model. The company claims that it is the world’s first automatic hair straightener without an on-and-off switch. Its design is similar with the Original model, but with the absence of setting buttons. The swivel cord is long enough to give you ample reach for better hair styling.

Just like the other Cloud 9 models, the Touch version offers ceramic-coated plates to style your hair without causing any damage or dent. This model is perfect for all hair types, but you can still use a hair protection spray if you still worry about possibly damaging your hair. For added protection, the Touch can detect when it has been idle for too long. It automatically switches off after thirty seconds of non-usage, but it will quickly produce heat once you pick it up again and use it.

The Cloud Nine Original Iron

All Cloud 9 hair straighteners guarantee high-quality styling. The durable materials used allow them to withstand wear and tear due to regular usage. They also provide safety features to prevent accidents, such as the automatic shut-off and the ceramic coated plates. If you want to style your hair regularly without worrying about damaging it, then you should consider the Cloud 9 hair straighteners. All models use less heat, so your hair is kept protected, even with regular usage.

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