GoPro Hero 3 Plus Camcorder


Well after 1 1/2 months I can tell a bit about my experience with GoPro Hero 3 Plus Camcorder  – combined : I am very excited .

+ The smallness of the camera : you’re at the car or on a helmet they can be mounted almost anywhere very good. And it just does not carry weight .
+ The mounting system is easy to use and conceptually very well : I have to increase the flexibility still a lot to buy , such as the suction cup or the handlebar clamp . Everything keeps very well. Of course, these things cost each additional – but these supplements have so far always been found to be very useful and functional.
+ Film quality : the depth of field is very good – even objects are further away very sharply – in stark contrast to the negative reviews – but possibly it is just on the newer production batch ( of course I can not prove ) . With my camera, it ‘s just very good. I also like the ” vibration damping ” , if I may so express it amateurish – especially for motor vehicles vibrations are anyway available and are strongly damped . For close-ups the GoPro is also very good.
+ Photo quality : Test, I have a few photos shot – from near to far: here I would close photos with 4 stars , the vast 3 mark – much better than the iPod camera, but comes to a “real” camera the GoPro not approach – but that’s not the area that it exercised by me.
+ Sound: even with a closed outer shell very clear recording (eg voice signals) – wind and engine noise occurs just very prominent (but this problem I knew of other cameras as well) . When you play here later with the filtering , but this can largely be solved .
+ GoPro App : best, I think , the camera can be operated ( from your iPod with me) with the app . Easy to handle and all adjust very functional and easy – just even if you can not directly to the camera.
+ Wi-Fi: The error that the Wi-Fi ( in the sheath ) is not on / off leaves , or partially fails, it never gave me. The time delay in the live broadcast is slightly more than 2 seconds.

Two small problems I would like to mention with GoPro Hero 3 Plus Camcorder :
– For the darkness I have not found a good attitude : to prove events or actions, the camera is sufficient proof – even in little street lighting. But good quality should we not expect . But again, this is not the added thought of my main application .
– The batteries do not last too long – especially, of course , if you have the Wi-Fi turned on.

GoPro Hero 3 Plus Camcorder  is just good.

My favorite recording setting : 1080p , 50fps , FOV medium.
My Memory Card: SanDisk microSDHC 64GB Extreme Plus .


  1. Great review as always! The GoPro has really picked up a lot of steam over the past few years and really deserves being the top sport camera.

  2. I’ve been researching cameras a lot lately and honestly Go Pro keeps coming up on the radar. I have several people I know use them for various things, love them and are always recommending them.

  3. This GoPro, just like all others within its line, is amazing. They are such small yet versatile cameras. There is a reason famous people on Youtube like The Slow Mo Guys use these cameras for their line of work! I have only heard positive reviews about this camera and others like it. If I had the money, I’d probably get one of the things for myself. 😮

  4. I am absolutely in love with the way GOPro Hero 3 Records. It offers a wider angle to shoot, is smaller in size and quite better results in low light mode. GoPro is quite awesome and can easily be used for some great footage. The improvements in GoPro3 such as extended battery life and auto video adjustable feature etc makes all the difference.

  5. One of the vloggers I follow on YouTube recently started using the GoPro Hero 3, and the quality of his vlogs has really improved. He can now take his viewers underwater when he goes to the beach or the pool, strap the camera to his helmet and show us a bike ride from his perspective and, my favorite part, we can see a much wider angle. There seems to be a little bit of fish bowl effect from the wider angle, but nothing major. This really is a great vlogging camera. I would get this camera if I were to start a vlog channel.

  6. BamItzMuffinz on

    Great review. The whole GoPro range really stuns me, because of how much you can really do with them. Being able to thrash them around a bit without damage, and being waterproof too is pretty cool. They’re small and compact, as well as being mountable too which makes them even better. I’ve seen a lot of use of these cameras in motorsports and other activities similar and it amazes me how much of an angle you can get from them. If I had the money, it would be a purchase well worth making.

  7. I’ve been wanting to purchase a Go Pro for some time, and this review swayed me towards buying one even more. I’m an aspiring filmmaker, and I’ve been looking to experiment with the found footage genre. A GoPro would add some really cool shots to a found footage film. The depth of field you mentioned is excellent for filming, as well. I’m definitely going to be buying one of these really soon.

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