Samsung Slim Retail External 3D Blu Ray Writer


Compatible with 2.0 (also backward-and forward-compatible with USB 1.0 and USB 3.0)
Reads and writes all formats: Blu-ray/DVD/CD in all standard specifications
Sleek design with scratch-resistant surface; Flexible power supply via USB port with Smart Power
Contents: Samsung SE-506BB/TSBD external Blu-ray 6x Burner Black

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I am completely satisfied with the Samsung Slim Retail External 3D Blu Ray Writer!
I use it only to burn important data to bluray. I have no BluRays player on the pc, but I have my tv screen with the ps3 as a player.
Burning works beautifully with the Nero program (Nero 8 or Platinum), I advise all buyers from more downloads to download that are offered. Kwik Media I had by my Nero program already on your computer.
As have already told other users, which is download other software, this enterprising company connected with expensive costs. Do we need it?
For users who want to easily burn data on Bluray, are exactly right with this device!


  1. Thanks for the concise review of the Samsung Slim Retail External 3D Blu Ray Writer! I have a 3 season collection of Nikita on Blu Ray, and was looking to find something that can translate the data accurately without any minor hiccups.

    This post of yours convinced me to expand my research towards this particular device and I must say that it’s convenient for my needs! With the compatibility with several USB port types, it will definitely be useful seeing how Blu Ray DVDs usually have larger memory for the large quality of course. USB 3.0 seriously makes the difference in transferring speed, and the fact that this device is compatible with it helps a lot!

  2. I actually need to get one of these. I got a Tablet recently with an USB port and I might get this one after reading this review. I love Nero8 so knowing the compatibility of this hardware with the software makes me want to buy it. Also it being Slim makes it more portable and lighter and I really am looking foward to it , it’ll fit in my tablet’s carrying bag easily.

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