Panasonic DMR-PWT635 Review


It took me years to find a successor to my tape recorder Sony RDR- HXD1070 which unfortunately no longer have improved.

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This Panasonic such as Sony, the automatic scene recognition that during the recording puts a chapter mark for example, when a commercial starts and ends , so you can toss in the trunk while viewing or changing the recording with the internal editor ( fairly easy, although a bit ‘ less intuitive than the Sony ) to delete it permanently.

Titles recorded can be poured on External Hard Drive (only visible when connected to a Panasonic , however , you can not carry around or copied from elsewhere ) . If you want to burn to DVD or BD movies you have to buy the top model Panasonic DMR-PWT635. I was not able to copy movies to memory stick or USB , according to the manual is only possible from USB to internal HD (although not much point ) . I tried the function to set the recording remotely via PCs and smartphones , it works very well and is also faster. Show all media files on a network to view them on your TV.

Just a shame that I can not copy the recordings to “normal” on standard USB external . This is done by others PVR Multimedia Hard Disk , but for me to have the defect that they do not recognize the scenes and are programmable via the Internet only with strange and complicated artifice.

The use of this Panasonic DMR-PWT635 however is very intuitive.

Blu Ray DVD Player Buying Guide

Blu-ray DVD players are a perfect match for high-definition televisions. The media file in the Blu-ray discs are displayed in full, high-definition, details. What’s great about these players is that they can play the standard DVD and convert them to quasi-HD quality.

This buying guide will help you sort through the many options available today. The price tag will always play an important factor, but you also need to consider the brands and features. Check out the shopping tips below to help you find the best blu-ray DVD player at the right price.

Features to look for

Here are the important features that you need to note:

  • 3D capability: Numerous Blu-ray players are now 3D-capable. This means you can view three-dimensional images using 3D discs, a 3D TV, and a pair of 3D glasses.
  • 4K upscaling: A player with this feature can upgrade a 1080p HD content to 4K resolution when used with an ultra high-definition TV.
  • Video streaming: Many new players let you stream movies using the Internet.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: Players with a video streaming feature should have Internet connectivity, but this can be inconvenient when you need to connect the unit to a modem or router. Models with Wi-Fi capability are wireless-ready, but some may require a dongle to enable this feature.
  • BD-Live: All new Blu-ray players have this feature that allows them to connect to the Internet to gain access to movie trailers or video games from particular Blu-ray discs that you can get from the studio’s website.
  • Bonus View: This is another way to check out extra content without Internet connection. It is a picture-in-picture feature that shows bonus content on certain Blu-ray discs in a separate window.
  • Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA): This feature lets the players access media content stored on computers, tablets, smartphones, and other digital devices that are connected to a home network.
  • Surround Sound: Blu-ray supports multi-channel surround sound. If you want to maximize media content with audio, you will want six speakers and a Dolby Digital receive, and a subwoofer.
  • Navigation: These players allow you to navigate the disc in countless ways, like the chapter preview, a go-to by time, marker functions, and more.
  • Picture Controls: The aspect-ratio control enables you to select between the widescreen 16:9 and the squarish 4:3 format. There is also the picture zoon, black-level adjustment, multi-angle capability, and others.
  • USB ports and memory card slots: This feature lets you view digital media files on your TV through a USB port or a memory card slot.


There are countless of Blu-ray player brands out there. Some of the popular names include Denon, LG, Marantz, Onkyo, Oppo, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Sony, TiVo, Toshiba, and Yamaha. Sony and Samsung are one of the first to offer 3D-capable Blu-ray players that come with 4K upscaling.

Final Thoughts

It is nice to have all the features present in your Blu-ray player. However, models with these features tend to cost a lot. People with tight budget can consider the essential features, including the video-streaming, 4K upscaling, audio capabilities, and USB and memory card ports.

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