LG BH9530TW 9.1Ch 3D Sound Blu-ray Home Cinema System


LG BH9530TW 9.1Ch 3D Sound Blu-ray Home Cinema System

The LG BH9530TW 3D Blu-ray 9.1 home cinema system would be to demand a reason for living room entrance: Not less than 1,460 watts of power provide an impressive cinema sound – in which you will be sitting anywhere in the best seats. The reason for this is the innovative DSX2 Audyssey technology, which enables a truly room-filling sound, supported by specific, vertically aligned boxes. And thanks to the LG BH9530TW 9.1Ch 3D Sound Blu-ray Home Cinema System, you can be sure that only movies running in your home theater to your taste: either directly from Blu-ray and DVD or streamed, for example max cathedrals, YouTube and even your smartphone! Finally, you can transfer over the Miracast TM your mobile device screen by pressing a button on the large screen TV – or the sound from there via the Private Sound Mode on your smartphone, if you are planning a private performance in your home cinema.

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Construction of LG BH9530TW

The construction of the LG BH9530TW is super easy and should any well go out of hand . Nothing complicated or incomprehensible . You should only according to the color of the boxes plug on the player before after look so you know which box in which corner comes , everything so bad . The standing behind boxes are Wi -driven and run an extra junction box which you then can hide behind somewhere. Moreover, the service boxes feet are slightly attenuated in the bottom plate . The cables are long enough for my circumstances all . The subwoofer is passive and that’s a good thing.
BUT there is a negative thing but I have searched in vain for a wall mount for the front speakers , unfortunately no . Either you buy universal bracket or screw into the wall and easy to attach.

Audio / Video

Now for the most important … When I had the system fully connected came the moment of truth. I had previously been two systems , a Sony and a Harman / Kardon so my expectations were high. System to quickly and ARC SIMPLINK and test with Blu -ray , I was floored … So as a crystal clear but still rich sound I’ve never heard of. The subwoofer is powerful and comes with its 200 watts RMS probably very rare its performance limit . At low volume it is still good to take true and fits into a terrific environment . Our living room measures 30 square meters and the sub feels good the room without batting an eyelid . The other boxes have fiber speaker, material of the upper class , thus you can hear sounds that you would otherwise never hear . Clear sound whether silent or turned up . The speakers know no distorting or shout . These are still small tweeter on board and spectacular are the speakers that are directed upward. They are switched on extra channels and bring the sound of the ceiling of the echoes in turn the person back . Cinema feeling pure or even better …

I hope I ‘ve put together the most important to a purchase decision easier to make . I can only say the part has what it takes . Sound , equipment, processing, and for the price, hard to beat. There have already been two updates from LG the week , unfortunately LG has a Chancelog allergy 🙂

Reviews Radar Recommendation

Who has an LG TV does anyway nothing wrong , everyone else can I a good piece highly recommend LG BH9530TW. From me 5 stars even if the wall mount is missing. Save money cinema and immerse yourself at home in a world of sound. I’m excited and I hope you are too.

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  1. I love the style of these! They’re gorgeous! Plus our family is on a limited budget right now, so we are looking for ways to enjoy our movie viewing at home as much as possible. I have been putting away a bit here and there to upgrade our home speakers. What you said about saving money by going to the movies at home is spot on.

    It looks like these are only for the UK, but I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open for something in a similar style for us in the future here in Texas. It would be so nice not to have ugly, boxy speakers anymore but still enjoy the great sound. 🙂

  2. This system sounds amazing. My husband has been wanting a sound/theater system for a long time. I definitely need to see if I can find something like this in the US. The slim towers look great.

  3. This LG Blu Ray Home Cinema system is recently discontinued. Luckily my husband was able to secure this home system for us. It looks really elegant as it sits in our living room. The installation is easy and convenient, never a hassle. The advanced sound system is totally impressive. It is composed of 9 speakers and one woofer. The speakers give 9 different sounds which is really amazing. Sound is genuine and precise as if you are there!

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