Denon AVR-X2000 7 Channel Integrated Network Surround Receiver


Denon AVR-X2000 7 Channel Integrated Network Surround Receiver

Discrete 7-channel amplifier with 150 watts per channel and optimized stereo and surround sound
4k Video Processing – passthrough, GUI overlay, and Scaling
Easy operation with large display, 9-language on-screen menu and installation options Wizards (with numerous pictures, aids and animations), front HDMI input
Extensive networking and multimedia functions (Internet radio, AirPlay, DLNA including gapless HD audio, Spotify & (Premium subscription required), Denon Remote App for iOS and Android, Front USB for music playback from mass storage and iDevices)
Scope of supply: A / V Receiver; optimizer microphone, remote control, 2 x AAA batteries, AC power cord, Quick Start Guide, CD-ROM with User Manual

Denon AVR-X2000 7 Channel Integrated Network Surround Receiver

Since I was not really satisfied with the stereo capabilities of my AVR -205 I bought the x2000 .
Although I only have a 5.1 system in the living room , but the remaining two amplifiers can be wonderfully used for bi-amping the front speakers 🙂

This was also configured very quickly. The connection can also be explained by itself , unless it is also described in the instructions. But unfortunately this does not exist in paper form. She’s probably on the CD with it. Since I do not have a CD drive I have just loaded me about the Denon page.

Unfortunately, the Receiver lacks a coax SPDIF input . But what the hell, now there are even cheap 10m long optical cable from Amazon : P

The calibration using Audyssey works fine .
For explanation wr is not familiar with Audyssey sends test tones which cover the entire frequency range and thus determines the capabilities of the speakers and the properties of space . To belong to booming subwoofer and frequency punch and excessive annoying frequencies of the past.

Unfortunately, reveals one of the assistant not WHERE you should place the setup microphone , which is but in the PDF manual .

The manual recommends the sub to half volume to turn , but this is way too loud to 90%. So also with me . The sub was eventually saved with -12dB as the final setting. Sound too strange …
It is recommended to set 25-33 % ! BY the first measurement, then cancel and see where the sub has landed in as ( best somewhere around the 0 dB)

Now you will think that is an abundant bass poor history when the sub is only at 33 %. So was my fear .
But it really sounds wonderfully balanced. Well , the sub I have yet again raised by 1.5 dB in the settings.
A “Bass ” or ” Treble” knob how it had earlier but I do not miss . It just sounds perfect . And at first I was more than suspicious that matter !

Well, a plastic front should not have been . But the sound makes up for it 😉

I am satisfied 🙂

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