Ryobi One Plus Review – Battery Powered Cordless Grass Trimmer


Ryobi One Plus Review – Battery Powered Cordless Grass Trimmer

Lawnmowers can take care of the brunt of the work if you’ve got a large lawn, but a quality solidly built grass trimmer can do wonders in those hard to reach spots such as underneath brushes, close to trees, and following near fences and your home. There are various types of these tools that could take care of this job including petrol trimmers, human powered tools, electric corded edgers, and battery powered trimmers.

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Safety should be your first concern when operating this type of machinery, wear long pants and sleeves, protective eyewear, and earplugs to avoid injury. To avoid damaging your property, aim about 2 inches behind your target as it’s tough to assess how far the cord reaches, this will prevent unwanted paint removal from your home, fences, and other structures.

This Ryobi One Plus review highlights the pros and cons of this battery powered grass trimmer.  To figure out what type is right for you, take into consideration the layout of your yard, the landscaping features, as well as the size. Cordless trimmers including both battery and gas powered can be valuable for larger yards with more trimming to do, while corded trimmers are ideal for smaller yards without a lot of trees or bushes in the way. Of course some battery powered trimmers just don’t have a charge that lasts long enough to take care of a large yard so keep this in mind.

Petrol grass strimmers have been around quite awhile, but for those trying to be environmentally conscious this is an excellent battery powered grass trimmer. The Ryobi One Plus – OLT 1831S has a remarkably easy set-up process, all that’s required is to clip the two halves together, attach the guard to the bottom and screw it in place, and insert the battery.

If you’ve got a ryobi one plus review OLT1831s cordless grass trimmersmall to medium sized yard you would have no trouble trimming the entire area in less than one charge. Although this device does not come with a battery, if you own other Ryobi tools their 18V batteries are interchangeable and can power a total of 35 gardening and home tools. Make sure you charge the battery ahead of time as it can take two to three hours to charge, it can be a huge inconvenience to run out of juice in the middle of your task.


  • Telescopic extendable shaft
  • Pivoting and rotating head
  • Weight: 2.2kg
  • Cutting swath: 25-30cm
  • Cordless – battery powered (Battery not included)

The Ryobi OLT1831S One Plus 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer is a superbly valued grass trimmer and the perfect tool to make your lawn-care regimen as easy as can be. It operates on low-cost without the use of gasoline, is eco-friendly, and although it won’t last for an extended period of time, it will allow you to trim grass patches and edge along tough to reach spots with ease due to its extra-light frame.


8.5 Great grass trimmer
  • Ease of use 8
  • Value 7.5
  • Safety 10
  • User Ratings (9 Votes) 4.1

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