Karcher K2 Review | 1400W Pressure Washer


This Karcher K2 review will cover one of the best pressure washers in todays market. This Karcher pressure washer model, the K2 Car Air-Cooled, comes with much more power to fulfill various tasks in external housekeeping alongside keeping your car nice and clean.

The Kärcher K2 pressure washer is a product of German technology. This German company, Karcher, has over 80 years making the best pressure washers in the market. The Karcher K2 is one of their most famous products. The washer is powerful, loaded with a motor that is rated at 1400 watts.

After one use, you’ll notice how flexible this pressure washer, Karcher K2 Car Air-Cooled, is just perfect for any cleaning outside the house. Washing the car with this pressure washer is wonderful, has different nozzles to clean with more pressure and comes with a scrub brush to take away the tires dirt.

  • Karcher K2 Car Air-Cooled Features:
  • The hose is long, 4 meters in total
  • 1400 watts motor power, AC power source
  • Dimensions: 48.6 x 29.6 x 28.4 cm, It’s a product easy to store anywhere in the house
  • 5.8 kg of weight, easy to move with wheels
  • Electric cord 6 meters

Here are some good things about Karcher K2 Car Air-Cooled pressure washer:

  • It is flexible, not only to clean vehicles, also to clean external parts of the house like the patio, pool or entrance.
  • Shampoo or soap will last for several cash washes as the Karcher K2 Air-Cooled uses a smart saving system.
  • It is compact and lightweight, this makes it much easier transport and storage as well.
  • Although it is designed for light housework, you can clean large and difficult things with it.
  • The accessories included will cover any expectation with pressure cleaning you may have.
  • It has a water saving system, which ensures getting the most out water, especially if you are using water from a storage tank.
  • Pressure control built into the Karcher K2
  • This washer is the most complete in terms of power and accessories to be of a compact size.
  • Read over 50 customer reviews on Amazon
  • Rated 4.5 stars

If you’re looking for a washer, the Karcher Car Air-Cooled K2 is definitely what you need. Compare this pressure washer with the most expensive on the market, you are going to get an excellent cleaning performance and powerful engine all in a compact size.

Whoever wants to buy quality should know that the german brand, Karcher, has years leading the market of pressure washers, not only in europe but also in much of the world. Strongly recommended the Karcher K2 Car Air-Cooled as a product for cleaning, not only vehicles, with excellent manufacture and easy to handle for anyone that require a strong pressure washer.

This washer can be purchased online from Amazon, for £89.00 pounds with all accessories and extras products like soap, car shampoo and different nozzles. You’ll also receive free delivery in the UK! At Amazon you can find any extra accessories for your pressure washer as well.

This pressure washer has good recommendations of its buyers and an excellent rating. All reviewers said that the pressure washer went above and beyond their expectations and continues to work extremely well.


8.8 Awesome
  • Ease of use 7.5
  • Value 9
  • Quality 10
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