Corioliss Hair Straighteners Reviews


A hair straightening iron, also known as a flat iron, is one of the must-have tools for hair styling. They are versatile and can style almost every hair type. Whether you have damaged, wavy, curly, fine, thick, or naturally straight locks, you will surely benefit from this amazing hair styling tool. Corioliss is an award-winning manufacturer based in the U.K. that produces hair styling products and accessories. Its famous hair straightening products have even reached several parts of the globe.

Corioliss offers three hair straightening models: the C1, C2, and C3. They may have almost the same features to offer, but they all cater to different hair styling needs. Here are some information that will help you choose which model is best for you:

Corioliss Hair Straightener – C1


The C1 has an attractive design that makes it look far more expensive than the others. One of its designs has a matte black finish with stunning silver titanium plates. It also has a comfortable grip for a more enjoyable hair styling session.

Two of the most interesting features are the variable temperature control and the dual-voltage. You can bring this unit abroad without worrying whether the plug would fit. When using it to style your hair, you will notice that your locks glide smoothly through the plates. There is no snagging. Your hair will also be less prone to dryness, something that nearly every woman on Earth dreads.

The C1 can heat up to the highest temperature within 30 seconds. Its 360-degree swivel cord, meanwhile, allows you to thoroughly style your hair by positioning the unit to any desired angle. They are also easy to clean. You can simply wipe them with a damp cloth after usage, but make sure to do this only when it has cooled down.

This product is perfect for flicks and curls due to its smooth and rounded barrel. It works so good that your flicks remain intact the whole day. Other designs include the platinum zebra and red leopard. The package comes with a free carrying case that also works as a heat mat.

Corioliss Hair Straightener – C2

The Corioliss C2 flat iron offers smooth Titanium plates that easily heats up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit in just 20 seconds, offering a sleek finish in a short time. This lightweight hair straightener has an ergonomic design that can deal with any hair styling types. You can use the C2 flat iron for your flicks, waves, curls, and straight locks.

Another interesting feature is its negative ion technology that works to eliminate static for a soft, shiny, and silky hair. In addition, the 4.2-meter swivel cord allows for added hair styling flexibility. It also keeps you safe with its automatic sleep mode when left turned on and unused for 30 minutes. The C2 flat iron is available in different colors, as well, so you can choose one that will match your personality.

You can also change the temperature, according to your desired style. The higher heat setting is perfect for thicker hair, while a lower temperature wills uit fine or delicate locks. It does not cause any snag, meaning the unit glides smoothly through your hair. Lastly, its slim structure allows you to reach the parts of your hair near the roots for better results.

Corioliss Hair Straightener – C3

The C3 flat iron also offers long titanium plates that are definitely smoother than ceramic plates. Its impressive conductive material allows for even heat distribution and does not cause any hot spots. The variable temperature control, meanwhile, offers added flexibility. You can set the heat to the appropriate temperature for your styling need to prevent damage.

If you have fine hair, then a lower temperature would produce the best results. A higher setting, on the other hand, is ideal for thicker hair. The C3 also uses infrared heat to prevent your hair from getting dry. The negative ion technology ditches static ions that cause frizzy strands.

This unit has an automatic sleep mode when left switched on and unused for 30 minutes, just like the other Corioliss flat iron models. Such feature allows you to conserve energy and save more money in the long run. The 360-degree swivel cord was integrated, as well, for easier hair styling.

Choosing the Best Corioliss Hair Straightener

By now, you should have an idea which Corioliss hair straightening iron to choose. All three models have similar features, but you have to determine which of them will best suit your hair styling needs. The Corioliss brand seeks to become the market leader in the hair styling industry. The company is committed to continue innovating their products to keep up with the latest hair styling trends. If you are looking for the best hair straightening iron on the market, then Corioliss should be on your list as the features mentioned in this article prove that the brand will not disappoint.


  1. This review of Coriollis straighteners is a waste of time, it doesn’t give like for like comparisons of the different features. Eg. What temperatures does the C1 reach? It has a swivel cord, but how long is it? The C2 does it have a 360 degree swivel cord, or just a swivel cord? Do all the straighteners have infrared heat? What is the width and length of the plates. There is no mention of the C3 having temperature control switch on the cord rather than on the straightener itself. I only know about this because I used to have a C3. – It only lasted for a couple of years, then fell apart and the cord used to get twisted whilst styling, despite it having a swivel cord. I don’t know where the heat control is on the C1 and C2. What a useless article.

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