Bosch PSR 18 Review


The Bosch PSR 18 is a powerful cordless drill from the german manufacturer Bosch. This versatile drill is rechargeable and includes two 18 volt batteries which are long lasting and fast to charge. This drill besides being ergonomic comes with a beautiful and comfortable design, it is easy to use for simple household tasks, especially the tasks that have to do with wood.


The Bosch company was founded in 1866 by construction tools visionary, Robert Bosch. The Bosch company since its creation has been dedicated to the manufacture and creation of high precision tools for construction. This German company has worldwide recognition for its excellent products. This drill Bosch PSR 18 is one of those great products.

We tried to do a review as honest as possible about Bosch PSR 18 cordless drill. Simply what we did was to test the Bosch PSR 18 drill on various surfaces and under different types of situations to see its performance. We really liked the overall results, although it is not a very powerful drill, is very functional for common tasks.

The GOOD about the Bosch PSR 18

  • It is a lightweight and easy to use drill, its center of balance is excellent, maneuverability is good.
  • The Bosch PSR 18 has a built-in flashlight, a small light that helps the person to work in dark places or with limited vision.
  • It comes with a set of drill heads in the box, this simple set pieces can be used for the most common household tasks that need to drill.
  • The Bosch PSR 18 battery is durable and comes with other extra battery to ensure complete tasks that require more time using the drill.
  • The keyless drill chuck It is a great advantage when changing drill heads.
  • It is a very economical drill and German made, high quality engineering and easy access.
  • The Bosch PSR 18 drill is an excellent tool to have at home

The BAD about the Bosch PSR 18

  • The drill power is 700 rpm which is very limited to “hard” tasks at home
  • It can be very frustrating drill hard surfaces with the Bosch PSR 18. The walls that need to be drilled must be “soft” or the drill may not work
  • If the battery is not fully charged the power of the drill will be much lower than normal.
  • The drill has no hammer function. It is a feature highly requested by the builders and repairers, but this drill does not have that function

After doing this review on Bosch PSR 18 cordless drill we could give of that is a drill for simple household tasks. It is a good drill german manufacture and includes long lasting batteries. This drill is recommended for all those who do not require a drill with much power but need something that can do most of the functions of a normal-cord drill.

Drills like Bosch PSR 18 are necessary tools to take home, the simplest tasks can be solved with a drill like this. A tool like this is necessary to have it at home. The Bosch PSR 18 is definitely the best option for a home cordless drill.

Cordless Drill Buying Guide

Power tools are necessary in the job site. They make tasks easier and faster to complete, unlike during the more primitive years. Manufacturers have created countless power tool designs that perform different functions, and one perfect example is the cordless drill. This buying guide will tell you the quickest way to choosing the right tool for you.

Types of Drills

It is crucial to recognize your jobsite needs in order to determine which type of drill you should purchase. The most popular brand names in the industry today are Makita, Bosch, Metabo, Fein, and DeWALT. However, you should know that drills are split into three major categories: combination drill, impact driver, and drill driver.

Combination Drills

Combination drills perform three functions: to drive screws, to drill holes into metal and wood, and to drill holes into masonry and concrete using the hammer function. This type of drill will usually offer two or three speed settings. The lower speed is for hi-torque uses like screw driving, while the higher speed is used for drilling wood or metal.

The hammer function on this tool delivers blows to your drilling power, so you can drill into masonry. You will want to invest in a high-quality combi drill, especially if you plan to use it for the more robust applications. Good combi drills normally come with a metal gear box or metal chuck.

Impact Drivers

Impact drivers are fitted with a hex chuck or something similar. It offers a quick-release design that makes it different than combination and drill drivers. Impact drivers are designed to drive screws into hard materials, but a correct screwdriver bit fit will let you handle some other drilling applications.

These drivers focus mainly on hi-torque with high impact levels. A typical design will give higher torque levels than top-of-the-line combi drills. You will want to look on the battery fitted, as well as this tool’s overall construction quality to maximize your investment.

Drill Drivers

Drill drivers usually perform two functions: to drill holes into metal and wood, and to drive screws. Tools under this category are equipped with two speed settings, as well as multiple torque settings. The torque, however, will not be as high as those on combination drills and impact drivers. Take note of the hole-drilling capacity, the torque settings, and the battery supplied.

These are the most important things that you need to remember when scouting for the best cordless drill. You can ask your trusted friends or colleagues, and search for product reviews. Doing your homework can lead you to the right model for your jobsite needs.

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  1. I don’t wanna be a twat, but I’ve got one of these now… and it’s got hammer function. Granted if I was on site all day Id want more omph, but for home brick work, breezeblock and the small amount of concrete and stone you’re likely dealing with in a home environment, it’s more than enough and the torque is especially good for the class of tool.

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