Tonbux 10.1 is the new tablet causing hype today. Its popularity has perhaps been attributed to its ability to support 3D games, not to mention its fully improved operating speed. It runs on the Google Android 4.4 KITKAT operating system and incorporates an amazing display of 10.1 inch. In terms of performance, this device is probably one of the best we have seen so far. Here is a genuine review of the TONBUX 10.1 tablet, and the many benefits it has in store for you.



The very first unique feature about this device is that it supports 3D games, taking your gaming to a whole new level. Whether it’s the Rapitude GP2, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Feed the candy, or any other 3D game, you will enjoy playing straight from your tablet without having to connect to a 3D TV.

The Android 4.4 OS is also another notable feature with this tablet. It comes with a fully-improved operating system, with massive apps available for you to download any time. You will have the opportunity to browse though a wealth of applications from Google play Marketplace.

Transferring music or video files from your tablet to your laptop won’t be an issue thanks to the built-in Bluetooth wireless connection. What’s even better, you will now be able to connect your mouse and keyboard to this device courtesy of this feature.

The performance of TONBUX 10.1 tablet is brilliant. It comes with Allwinner Quad-Core A31S 1.5GHz and 1GB RAM to enable you execute all applications hassle-free. It has a storage space of 8GB to ensure that there is sufficient space for all your 3D games and other apps.

The 10.1” HD display makes the device even more desirable. You will now watch your favorite movies, or play the best 3D games from a high quality HD display.

Surfing is always a consideration when it comes to any tablet. TONBUX 10.1 offers Wi-Fi function just to allow you to stay connected from any Wi-Fi spot.


This device comes in two colors. You can get it in plain white or black. The available ports include HDMI, Micro USB, and TF card.

Most tablets in the market today require you to plug in earphones so that you can communicate with someone effectively. Well, with TONBUX 10.1 it’s all different. It has a built-in microphone, which you can use to communicate to your friends, whether it’s through Skype or Google talk.

TONBUX 10.1 tablet is a device that everyone should be looking for. Not only does it offer a great gaming experience, it also comes with unique features compared to other tablets in the market. You can browse and play games for 5 hours straight thanks to its 6000mAh Li-battery.

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  1. BamItzMuffinz on

    Anything with an Allwinner SoC is great, because of the performance and low price, but the fact that this also has native 3D and Android 4.4 is pretty good too. Most Android tablets I’ve seen that aren’t from mainstream brands such as Samsung and LG seem to be running older Android 4.0 ICS, so this running 4.4 is a nice change. The price and features packed into this make it a very good purchase, especially for people wanting a budget tablet that doesn’t sacrifice speed for price.

  2. It amazes me how much the lesser known brand tablets have stepped up their game. This tablet has the best specs I have ever seen in a budget tablet. The ability to play 3D games is something any gamer will appreciate. The fact that this tablet is running the latest version of Android is very impressive for a budget tablet.

  3. Glad to see a tablet that gets a good review that isn’t an Apple product. I was shopping around online earlier this month for a tablet, but I detest iPads and didn’t want to break the bank. I eventually just gave up. Does anyone know how this tablet would hold up for a student?

  4. Wait, a tablet with an hdmi port? Awesome :D. That is really cool! 8gb isn’t a lot, but I am sure this tablet is very good for the price point. Quad core is always nice.

    Also, very professional writing in general. Other blogs just don’t hold up, when it comes to writing style. Glad to see there are still good blogs out there 😀

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