Polatab Elite Q10.1″ Review Android 4.4 (KitKat) Tablet


The Polatab Elite tablet is one of the most affordable tablets out in the market right now. It is just a fraction of the cost of some of the more well-known tablets in the market right now but it can perform just as well. The tablet is packed with a quad-core processor which is at par with more expensive tablets in the market. This processor allows you to run apps and multitask smoothly.

You can open more than one app at any given time and your tablet will work just fine. It also comes with a 1GB of RAM which is enough to keep the background apps running even when you are not using them. This will help you accomplish things faster because you will not have to relaunch apps over and over again.

Polatab Elite Q10.1″ Review Android Review & Features

What most people love about the Polatab Elite is the number of ports that it has. Unlike most tablets in the market, the Polatab is equipped with a USB port, a micro SD card slot and an HDMI port. The USB port is useful because you can attach a mouse, a keyboard or anything that has a USB port. Attaching a keyboard to your Polatab will allow you to use it like a laptop.

The micro SD card slot can be used for memory expansion. Photos, videos, apps and other forms of media can be stored in your SD card so that you can keep them forever. The HDMI port allows you to connect that tablet to your TV. You can share the screen of your tablet to your TV so that you can share your media in a room full of people. This can also be done with the Bluetooth.

Wireless connectivity is also available with the Polatab Elite. It has WiFi and Bluetooth to establish a wireless connection to the internet or to other devices. The WiFi connection is amazingly fast so you can browse the internet at amazing speeds; streaming videos will not be a problem. 

Other features of the device includes a 1.3MP camera for the front and 2MP camera for the rear. This will allow you to capture pictures and videos using your tablet. The battery has 6000 mAh which will last you at least a day with regular use. Standard tests show that the Polatab Elite can last half a day with normal use with a mix of games and internet which means it has a very decent battery life.

9.0 Perfect!
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  1. The battery life on these are great compared to other tablets. Would be a great starter tablet for any child.
    What’s in the box….
    UK 3 pin plug power charger for connection to the non USB power point on the tablet.
    Micro USB adaptor so you can plug in standard USB devices (keyboard or mouse etc.)
    USB cable ( micro USB at one end and standard connector at other) this is so you can connect the tablet to your PC to download or upload data / media.
    Very basic setup book and the Tablet.
    Very nice value!

  2. A good basic tablet which is fun and extremely easy to use. It is packed with a lot of features such as HDMI out, micro sd, G Sensor it also as the ability to be charged form normal usb ports as well. The wifi and bluetooth both work great and at high speeds.

    I would happily give this as a gift to a family or friend as i am quite pleased with it.

  3. “Polatab” brand sounds quite obscure, but it doesn’t mean that the quality is bad. Wow, from that description, this tablet is equipped with Quad-core, the latest Android OS, 1gb of RAM, 6000 mAh of battery to last a day and the most thing that other common tablet lacks, a HDMI port! You can also connect a keyboard to it which makes it convenient for students to take notes with! But with an already built-in HDMI port, we don’t need to buy another adapter or bring one on us. Now we can easily project the screen on another monitor! Definitely a good buy!

  4. Driveshaft815 on

    Definitely looks like one of the better “budget” tablets out there. It looks like an amazing tablet, and Amazon has it cheap. I’m tempted to pick this up; the HDMI output is a HUGE leg up for me. Even the reviews on Amazon have nothing bad to say about it.

  5. This tablet sounds like a great option for someone who wants a tablet but does not want to spend the money on one of the better known brands. I would get this for my nephew. I think he could get great use out of it.

  6. I have seen the Polatab listed on Amazon – and saw it as one of those cheap China-made Tablets in which you’ll get low-quality bits of rubbish. The first tablet I got was pretty rubbish, and ever since then, I try to steer clear of cheap-brand tablets, and try to aim for either Apple or Samsung if possible, so that I know I am getting something that is worth the money.

  7. Has anyone had problems with their polatab? My daughters screen has vertical lines down the middle wont turn on. Tried tge reset and trued leaving charger plugged in for a little bit. It has not been dropped steped on ect…. as she always uses at a desk or table. Andis ultra careful after her last one was bounced down the stairs.

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