Asus Fonepad ME371MG Review | 7-inch Tablet


Good tablet similar to Google’s Nexus 7, but cheaper and also with phone function, Tethering and microSD.

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Asus Fonepad ME371MG Specifications

  • With £179.00 very low (eg compared to the Nexus 7 3G)
  • Solid Construction
  • Good display
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Tethering / mobile hotspot
  • Phone function even WITHOUT the hassle of headset!
  • SMS and MMS
  • ASUS only small adjustments to the user interface
  • Android OS version 4.1.2 (for example, one is free and can read eBooks with Kindle App, Google playbooks, eLibrary public libraries, …

The only downside to this fonepad is it has no back camera



  1. I like the look of this tablet. I’m interested in buying a tablet, but I think I would like something with a bigger screen. I like that it can also function as a phone. I also wish it had a back camera. It could potentially still get the job done, though. I’m just looking for something that’s bigger than my phone that I can browse the web from.

  2. Not only is this tablet affordable, it’s lightweight and is loaded with functions. Tablet runs Android OS operating system with the Google app store, ebooks and more. Tether your PC to create a Wifi hotspot or insert your MicroSD card to upload your photos. Phone and text available even without a headset. Everything you need from a tablet plus some.

  3. Seems like a pretty good tablet to me. Blows my mind how it can function like a phone. I usually give off my phone’s mobile hotspot in order to use my tablet on the go, but with this one I can do that vice versa! I personally don’t like phones with gigantic screens, but I know of many people who do, so this tablet is headed in the right direction. The price is pretty fair for what it’s worth!

  4. Not many people would consider buying an Asus, with more reputed companies like Samsung and Apple also offering their premium tablets, but this review has enlightened me on the standard of quality that the Asus Fonepad brings to the table. The lack of a back camera is a small price to pay for such an affordable and flexible tablet, and the fact that it runs Android 4.1.2 *Jellybean) is just an added bonus. I’m looking forward to seeing more updates on this device, and thank you deeply for choosing to review it. Cheers!

  5. This tablet, in my opinion, has been greatly overlooked by the general population. I was recently given one of these tablets as a gift and am sold! Since receiving this device I have given up the Nexus 7 (also by Asus) and the Samsung Tabs that we had. The battery life on this tablet is fantastic. I can have games and eBooks running (both active and background running) and the battery lasts upwards of 48hrs from full to dead. It is light weight and still very sturdy. I have since purchased another one of these for the kids while traveling and it holds up amazing with the abuse from children. If you are concerned about it not having KitKat android, don’t worry. There is almost no difference in performance and isn’t missed on this tablet. Being expandable memory is also a huge selling factor for me, much more convenient that the Nexus 7’s limited storage. Hands down, would highly recommend this tablet to everyone!

  6. Wow. That’s a lot of features. Pretty good price point for a tab that can also work on a phone. has this been released yet?

  7. This tablet looks amazing! Your review has tipped me quite a bit towards it. Personally I don’t need the back camera at all (I’m not a shutterbug). Thanks for the review!

  8. This is a type of tablet that is affordable for its functions despite its con of not having a back camera. I don’t really need a use for back cameras, the main thing I look at for tablets is its size and the available functions. Quite a good tablet packed with functionality for a cheap price! The Asus fonepad is definitely a cheaper alternative than the Google Nexus!

  9. Asus has a great reputation for being an economical choice, and I think that sometimes leads people to make an unfair assumption that they’re badly made. That’s not my experience at all. I’ve had great experience with Asus products. I don’t know how the manage to keep their prices so low. They aren’t as attractive as some other products, but they’re just as reliable. I love Asus and will definitely be checking out this tablet. It looks amazing.

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