Sony DSCWX220 Compact Digital Camera with Wi-Fi and NFC


Sony DSCWX220 Compact Digital Camera with Wi-Fi and NFC has Exmor R CMOS sensor with 18.2 megapixels for recording high-resolution, lifelike images
Optical SteadyShot with Active Mode Intelligent prevents blurry video recordings
Lens with 10x optical zoom for superb close-ups of distant scenery
Recording and sharing of material via Wi-Fi and One Touch NFC.
50p Full HD recording function to capture action-packed scenes in fascinating detail

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+ Sharp images
+ Generally good image quality
+ Good image stabilizer
+ Practical zoom (25-250 mm KB)
+ Very good full-HD video quality
+ Quick
+ Reliable automatic
+ Ingenious Panorama Mode
+ Small, light and compact
+ Battery charges via micro USB
– Video button difficult to use
– Scratch-sensitive screen
– Some menu items a bit cumbersome

With the Sony DSCWX220 you get a camera that is ideal for festivals, parties and family events, but also for the hike or afternoon barbecue with friends in the park. It is so small and light that they are simply everywhere takes along way. And if she’s at it, she usually makes a good figure.

Get free delivery for the Sony DSCWX220 Compact Digital Camera on Amazon!

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  1. I really like that the Sony DSCWX220 is Wi-Fi enabled. You can immediately send your pictures to Dropbox or share them on your favorite social media site. The one touch NFC is also impressive because you can share your images instantly with another NFC enabled device just by touching the two devices together. It sounds like it is lighter than other point and shoot cameras that I’ve owned and the 18.2 megapixels makes for some very nice images. Overall, I would definitely consider buying this camera.

  2. I didn’t realize that so many different cameras have come out with wifi capabilities. I have an old Canon camera that is about six years old at this point. It works well but it is a very basic digital camera. I’ve been on the fence about updating my camera for about a year, and I always chicken out at the last minute. I’m very picky and I hate to waste money on something that I am not sure about. I might have to change my mind this time. My boyfriend has a Sony digital camera that he loves and I’ve used it a few times as well. I really like the full HD recording and the WiFI features that come with this camera. This would be great for capturing pictures and video of my family during the holidays. I might have to put this on my Christmas list this year.

  3. I’m happy to see that Sony added the 50p Full HD recording function to one of its lower priced cameras. This function was always available in Sony’s higher priced cameras, but not on the more affordable ones. Also, the Wi-Fi facilicy will be very useful, because I (and most people) keep misplacing the USB transfer cable. The memory card can always be taken out, but that is bothersome for lazy people like me. Finally, a camera that features a decent set of features and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

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