Toshiba Satellite C70D-B-10U Review | 17.3-inch Notebook


When looking around for a reliable notebook computer, one could potentially spend hours on end searching through pages and pages of different laptops. A lot of factors come into play when browsing for laptops, depending on what someone primarily uses them for. Well, the Toshiba C70D-B-10U is the ideal notebook for both personal and work related use, and it is an excellent blend of entertainment and business. The whopping 17.3 inch display is plenty of room for easy use, and with a 1000 gb hard drive along with 8gb of ram, this laptop is highly dependable and efficient. There are some key features of the Toshiba C70D-B-10U to take note of, which makes it stand out from the rest.


DTS Sound

The sound from the C70D-B-10U is spectacular, using detailed high frequency to provide depth and crisp, clear sound. Whether you are using the notebook for music, movies, or games, this laptop provides a deep bass sound while defining speech and dialogue with crispness. You will always get a realistic sound from any application with the clear surround sound speakers of the C70D-B-10U.


This fantastic computer is equipped with an HDMI port, three USB 3.0 ports, and a built-in Webcam. With the lightning speed of the USB 3.0 ports, you will transfer large files in no time, with up to ten times the download rate of a USB 2.0. Also, the convenient HDMI port is great for connecting to your favorite HD television.


With the AMD 1.8 Ghz processor, you can multitask like never before, as well as start-up and shutdown the notebook in no time. Also, with the speed of Windows 8.1, you can easily replace your desktop with this high performance laptop.


Sleek, professional look with a huge 17.3 inch HD screen.
Plenty of battery life and high performance.
DTS Sound to rock your world in detail and quality.
Multiple USB 3.0 connections for quick loading and expansive use.


Some users looking for a gaming laptop were disappointed with the Toshiba C70D-B-10 because the AMD A4-6210 graphic card is not suitable for high frame rate gaming. However, this notebook is intended for multiple uses and spans over much more potential activities rather than focusing on a particular niche.

If you are looking to replace your desktop, the Toshiba C70D-B-10 is a perfect choice for you. With its combination of multitask performance, high quality sound, and massive display screen, you will experience true luxury and real quality. This laptop will make a perfect gift for a loved one, especially with its inexpensive price at such an excellent value!

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  1. missamanda819 on

    I’m in the market for a new laptop, and this has certainly been helpful. I currently have a Dell Inspiron, and it has been faithful to me for 2-3 years. It’s still doing pretty good, but it’s definitely time for a new one. I need something with a bigger screen, so your review caught my eye. Thanks so much for the thorough review. The Toshiba Satellite is definitely going on my list of possibilities.

  2. I’ve been looking for a laptop for my mother, and this is a very helpful review. She currently has a desktop but it is several years old and is quite unhappy with it. She needs something with a bigger screen and this looks like it would be a good laptop for her. I like that you stated that this is perfect as a replacement for a desktop. That is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for the thorough review. I’ll be taking a further look at this laptop to see if it will work for my mother.

  3. Really good review! Answered all of my questions. Mainly storage space and hdmi connectivity :D. If I may make a small constructive criticism, it would be to add the price of the item your reviewing. If this laptop is fairly cheap, than I am going to get it for my tv all day 🙂 . I really like your writing style, can’t wait to read more 😀

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