Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-120 Review |15.6-inch Notebook


This Toshiba Satellite C50D-B-120 review covers the 15.6 inch notebook that is a very affordable model for the average computer user. This is a beautifully designed notebook that will immediately capture your attention. The notebook has better than average sound quality for a notebook, along with a few connectivity options to explore. In this review we take a look at a few of the most impressive features on the Toshiba C50D has to offer.


This laptop is is slim, portable, and the perfect traveling companion for those on the go. Great for the business man or woman on long business trips across town or the world. Perfect for the traveler that wants to keep in touch with the office or home. This is also a possible replacement for the desktop. It is easy to send emails, browse the web, visit social media sites, perform word processing activities, listen to music, or view photographs. The AMD processor makes using the notebook fast and very efficient. Another excellent feature sure to be appreciated is the wide range of connectivity options available. The fast notebook operates on the Windows 8 OS. Includes the new USB 3.0 for faster data transfers. An HDMI connection is available to provide connection to a big screen television. Use the touch screen feature, or the touch pad to navigate around the screen. Also includes 4 GB RAM, 500 GB Hard Drive, Card Reader, Web Cam.

Toshiba C50D-B-120 is a welcomed entry in the mid to low range notebook category. It is a very solid feeling machine that should easily transport in a laptop bag or suitcase. The 15.6 inch screen display is bright and very clear. Perfect for watching a video or simply viewing documents. One caveat: the screen might require a bit of adjusting to adequately view smaller text. However, this is easily accomplished with a little tweaking. There has been a lot of feedback about the Toshiba’s numeric keypad that is next to the alphanumeric pad. There are some that love this lineup while others do not like it. 

Certainly, there are plenty of notebooks on the market in the Toshiba C50D-B-120 category. However, this notebook is very durable and delivers a surprisingly good performance. It has a large hard drive and plenty of RAM for performing most computer tasks seamlessly. This is a great product to consider to upgrade an old laptop, a great entry level business machine, or a wonderful back to school notebook. Good performance and great value bundled together make the Toshiba C50D-B-120 one of the top notebooks to consider.

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  1. Hmm, definitely an interesting machine if you need a school laptop. The touch screen is most definitely a bonus with all those Metro UI apps, and the build actually looks pretty solid too! One thing that I personally don’t like is the fact that it only comes with 4GB of RAM, and soon that may become an issue (with a lot of computers now coming with 8GB RAM, it’s soon to become mandatory for some programs). Regardless, great machine with decent specs, and it’ll get the job done for most people.

  2. If you need a device for browsing the web, sending emails and performing office tasks, this sounds like a great option. It has very nice specs for a low range notebook, and it should be more than adequate for the casual computer user.

  3. This is a solid machine for the price. Toshiba is a brand that is growing on me; if they keep this up, they will soon be getting my business.

    Good price, easy to carry in a small bag, and it packs a punch in terms of spec. I am thinking of buying one for my teenage boy.

    Thanks for the great write-up on this machine.

  4. I got this computer a couple months ago and love it. I do only very basic computing, so this was just the right computer for me. The price was great, totally affordable. So far everything has run very smoothly and I have no complaints. I did notice that the keyboard was a little stiff when I first got it but it has loosened up very nicely with just a little use so no problems there.

  5. I have been using this laptop for six months. I am very satisfied with it. It has everything I need. I bought it for a decent price. It has a big screen. Battery works very good. It has great performances and excellent AMD Radeon HD, 1GB graphic card. I can work almost everywhere, because it has WiFi and Bluetooth also. It is made with nice, modern design. Great for fun an the best for my job.

  6. My first impressions of this were great. Since the screen is 15.6 inches I thought it was going to be small because I am used to larger laptops in the 17-21 inch range, but it is fine and crystal clear. So excited this laptop has usb 3.0 because most of my usb devices are 3.0 and transfer speeds are really high. This laptop really appeals to my needs very well.

  7. i am the only one who have this notebook in 2018 ? :)) omg , for this period the laptop is lagging like hell , i use it only for cs 1.6 game , thats all , on youtube is crap , because i can play only videos in 480 so yeah , don.t buy this crap in 2018, use your head.

  8. There are worse spec’ed versions than this, though. I have a C50D-B-017. It has an AMD E1-6010, which has almost no discernable performance, and will lag playing any video. I can’t even play video games from 7 years before this CPU was made (Civilization IV’s expansion packs are unplayable)! Every Windows 10 update takes 2 or 3 hours to get installed. I wish I had spent more than $420 on a laptop, but this one works for my smaller spreadsheets. We both need new laptops.

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