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Since only very few Windows 8 ready devices are available, I’ve rather taken a Samsung XE500 11.6-inch Touchscreen Convertible Laptop the local media market out of necessity.

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All Windows 7 programs works wonderfully,
the device is in a few seconds back in power saving mode and over again,
pen input along with OneNote a dream, but also in Word, PowerPoint and Excel, the pen makes great: you can make handwritten notes and additions, highlight the virtual highlighter passages …

Also very convincing: the long battery life: Read work with Office, Kindle books, watch youtube videos, kids play with the xbox apps, the thing must run all day-there is the battery life of 10 hours, a beautiful thing-hopefully remains a few years to come.

Samsung XE500 11.6-inch Touchscreen Convertible Laptop

Especially for students who once briefly write there, shoot or want to shoot something, the Samsung XE500 is super useful.


  1. Oh nice. This product looks nice. It has such a lightweight and stylish design. I am starting to get behind convertible laptops and its flexibility to work as a laptop and a tablet-like device to take on the go. I am glad to hear about the long battery life, as that’s always a must when it comes to electronics. The S Pen sounds pretty cool as well.

  2. This device is perfect for artists, writers and on the go users. It can perform just like a laptop when the tablet display is attached to the keyboard. This keyboard is heavy duty but not heavy, it has the feel of a laptop keyboard, not a Bluetooth or tablet keyboard.
    The screen is really a tablet device with super clear graphics. It functions like a tablet but with a really neat feature that is hard to find at this price. It comes with a “Pen”, also known as a stylus, so you can draw or sketch in the numerous supported programs and apps. You can also write instead of typing. Microsoft word will turn it into normal text as you write. The Pen is available to use in all Microsoft Office programs, including Excel. You can draw and write all day and night with the 10 hour battery life!

  3. I played with one of these at a retail store, and while many people may think the laptop to tablet function is redundant or useless, I think it’s incredibly practical! The laptop functionality makes it perfect for any student, and portability is a must for students as they are going around campus all day and occasionally to the library to study. The battery life is PHENOMENAL. I don’t know why, but the industry has put such a low standard on laptop, phone, and tablet battery life, and I’m glad that this laptop is changing that!

    • They are incredibly versatile! I personally use a surface, and I love it. I can be completely finnicky- and these are great for an indecisive person like me.

  4. Convertible laptops wouldn’t usually be my cup of tea, but this review has me sold! My main irk with convertibles is that I was convinced by a friend that the screen capabilities would drastically affect the battery life, but you’ve shown it not to be so. Thank you so much! You just made my day.

  5. I think that these convertable laptops are a great idea. they’re actually perfect for those of us addicted to keyboard shortcuts.

  6. Wow! This looks perfect for my daughter, a college student. She already uses OneNote to take notes in class. I wanted to get her a new laptop computer, since the keyboard makes them easy to type on, but she really wants a tablet. This looks like the perfect solution so that she can have both.

    I love that it has a webcam included. That way she can Skype with her mom that way whenever she needs me. Well, to be honest, I’m probably the one who will be needing the Skyping! 😉

    Thanks for the informative review!

  7. Wow great review. I was on the fence looking for a laptop solution for my son who is about to start high school. I think he will like the way it can go from a laptop to tablet for ease of use in any given situation. Nice.

  8. I have one of these at home and I have to say you really hit the nail on the head. My nephew is going to college next year and I’m thinking of buying this Samsung to him as a present 🙂

  9. Driveshaft815 on

    Nice review. My friend has one of these at work (I have a Surface Pro), and he let me test it out. I honestly had wish I spent the money on this instead of the Surface. I don’t need the tablet functionality, and everything about the XE500 trumps the Surface. It just feels sturdy, better in the hands, and a much sleeker looking device.

  10. I have really been wanting a convertible laptop for a while now. My old laptop is incredibly old and I love the idea of having a tablet OR a laptop, depending on what you are doing. I think the video on this one convinced me that I *will* be getting a convertible when I finally upgrade laptops.

  11. Convertible laptops/tablets are the way of the future as I see it. Most students would prefer to use a tablet from what I’ve heard, and the fact that you can just attach a keyboard and use it as a laptop then detach it and use as a tablet whenever is brilliant! I eventually plan on getting one, but I don’t think it’ll replace my laptop completely (unless Apple release one running OSX atleast!).

  12. Tablet/Laptop/Convertibles are pretty solid in the market right now. Their versatility, battery life, independence and overall reliability make them great picks for people on the go. They can very reliably store and play PowerPoint presentations anywhere, they are amazing for salesmen and have an amazing range of uses.

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