Lenovo Ideapad Z500 Review | 15.6-inch Laptop


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Lenovo Ideapad Z500 Review – 15.6-inch Laptop

I have been looking for a good laptop (Intel Core i5 3210M 2.5GHz Processor, 6GB RAM, 1TB HDD, DVDRW, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Nvidia Graphics, Windows 8) with a good price performance and found it finally after several weeks. The Lenovo Z500 is a really great laptop, with which the work is fun again. To me it was very important to find an additional keypad and backlit buttons, as it unfortunately often is difficult for laptop keyboards to find the keys also faces the right stops. Now nothing should stand in the way, Ordered, maintained, and there he was (Unfortunately I had to pre-order, but at this price was not so bad). The notebook offers more than some others in the more expensive price segment, he also has a breathtaking battery life of up to 8 hours (surfing the web / online game). The downside is some of the mirrored display and not the mat. Otherwise, I can really only positive if., Or the weight of the equipment, as well as the volume of the fan, which is really very quiet What I have changed for me on my laptop is that I have installed an SSD because I was not satisfied with the 1TB drive (unfortunately only 5400UPM), now my boot process takes only 6 seconds with Windows 8 and from standby 1 second, so are envious looks really sure: D: D. Now again briefly summarized:


  • Super processing
  • Good touchpad
  • Super backlit buttons
  • Number field
  • Good screen
  • Very long battery life
  • Very flat
  • Quick
  • Elegant design
  • Quiet
  • Price
  • Handling


  • Slow standard hard drive, even when large (5400UPM/1TB)

7.7 Good
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 9.3


  1. bobthemuffinman on

    This laptop looks really nice. Lenovo is a star at making cheap, but good laptops. How well is the gaming on this laptop? Can it play games like Battlefield 4 on medium settings?

    • I had the same questions. My laptop’s motherboard just crashed out of no where and unfortunately, my warranty is already expired. I’ve been looking for a fairly decent laptop that I can use for school, work, and for entertainment (mainly MMORPGs and other games.) Alas, my search has been rather poor but this laptop looks promising. I’ve been a hardcore HP fan when it comes to my laptops and my desktops even so this will be a change of pace if I decide on purchasing it. Just need to know how it works when it comes to gaming.

  2. The design of this laptop is stylish, elegant and fantastic from outside of it to how it looks on the inside. Not only is that a quality, but at the top of its good highlights in my opinion, the long battery life that can go for up to 8 hours is staggeringly impressive. I don’t think my current laptop could run nearly as long on its battery. Good product by Lenovo.

  3. Lenovo brand laptops are some of the most durable personal devices on the market. All Lenova products are incredibly user friendly but the “Ideapad Z7500” has some of the best user friendly feature we tend to forget about when we are shopping for a new device like a SUPER backlit keyboard and a full number field. Two features I can’t personally live without! The 8 hour battery life lets you complete your work on the go and Windows 8 will keep all of your work very secure with its superior encryption.

  4. I accompanied my brother to BestBuy because he was in need of a laptop and I’m the more tech savvy guy of the family. The employee was very helpful and explained why Lenovo is great. First of all, it may seem like a new brand in the market, but Lenovo is actually just IBM with a different name, and IBM is very reputable. The battery life seems to be pretty great compared to other laptops. The speed of the computer is phenomenal so far, it boots up in less than 30 seconds! All this has given my brother a great experience and he says it’s a great laptop for a college student such as himself!

  5. I’ve been considering getting a new laptop myself, and this review is definitely making me consider getting this one. Quiet fans and a good battery life are very important to me, so I’m happy you included that information in your review. I’m also not too troubled about the slow hard drive, but appreciate the honesty of your review.

    I also want to thank the others who posted their experience with the item, hopefully I’ll find the same happiness as the rest of you with it!

  6. That’s an amazing battery life, especially considering the price. Pretty quality laptop, it’s a fantastic and efficient brand, to be honest, so props to Lenovo for its great laptops. Definitely great for portable needs, too.

  7. This laptop has amazing stylish look as well as an affordable price. It allows for multi-tasking and quick set-up. The battery life is unbelievable. Quality laptops that are built to last and not thrown together are hard to find in this generation, and Lenovo pulls through on that. Great for on the go workers, quick trips away from home, and truck drivers.

  8. The laptop in question does look amazing. Plus, I truly need that long battery life. My laptop frequently loses its battery so easily that it’s frustrating! I will certainly look into buying this.

  9. I have heard many great things from Lenova. I went to there website and I found they had really great products for really cheap. Take this one for example, it is slim, sexy and powerful. I have been looking for a good review on this computer and I have finally found it. Very clear, super simple and not to much and not to little. To bad when I click the link to go purchase one it is currently unavailable.

    • I’ve been wanting a laptop for uni for a while now. I’m trying to juggle value and practicality. This is kind of a bit larger than what I was looking for, but from your review it seems like a solid laptop. I’m hoping it’s thinness will make it lightweight and easy on the back when I’m lugging it around campus. Thanks for the review.

  10. I’ve been a fan of Lenovo for a few years now, after my mum bought a Lenovo laptop that lasted for the entire duration of her PhD program. I know for a fact that she can be sometimes careless with electronics (storing them in hot places and overcharging), so the fact that it ran without a hitch all those years is pretty great.

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