HP Pavilion 17-f010na 17.3-inch Notebook PC


HP Pavilion 17-f010na is a classic and reliable notebook that provides all the benefits of a PC in a sleek, portable package. You will experience crystal clear HD display on its 17.3 inch screen, not to mention amazing speeds. The Pavilion 17 has been rigorously tested just to ensure that it meets the highest standards when it comes to reliability and durability. Its sleek design and in-built Intel core i5 processor is enough proof that this laptop matches looks and reliability with outstanding performance. Here is a review of this machine and how it takes your computing experience to a whole new level.

HP Pavilion 17-f010na 17.3-inch Notebook PC Review

Key Features

The very first thing that perhaps this notebook should be applauded for is its amazing speed and performance. Thanks to the massive 8 GB RAM and forth generation Intel Core i5 processor, you will now be able to operate whatever program you want at superb speeds. These properties power the Pavilion to enable you execute any program, from browsing to playing games to editing photos.

The touch pad of this laptop is built to support multi-touch gestures to enable you swipe, tap and scroll with ease. What’s even more, it has an on/off button, so that you can switch it off when watching your favorite movies and back on when browsing.

Storage space is always a major consideration when it comes to laptops. Well, HP manufacturers had this in mind when making this new generation notebook. They included a 1TB hard drive just to make sure that you don’t go short of storage space when you want to keep your photos, documents, programs, videos or music.

HP Pavilion 17-f010na also comes with a bright, vibrant HD screen to make viewing of videos and photos a pleasure. When it comes to sound, it incorporates a dual speaker with beats audio in order to provide you with a rich, unbeatable sound.

Connecting to the internet is easy with this notebook. It has a built-in Wi-Fi that will enable you to connect through a Wi-Fi hotspot, whether it’s at school, public place or home.


This machine comes with a large screen of 17.3 and huge amounts of physical connection. From VGA to HDMI, you will now be able to connect it to your monitor, television or projector. Other pots include: Ethernet and 2 ultra-fast USB 3.0.

The Pavilion also has a powerful CD DVD Blu-ray drive, where you can play all your videos or music and back up content from your computer.

You will have an island-styled chiclet keyboard that incorporates numeric keypad to provide you with an accurate typing experience.

HP Pavilion 17-f010na is definitely a machine anyone who loves speed and style should be getting. It offers many features that take computing to a whole different level. It operates on windows 8.1(64bit) and has a battery power of up to 5 hours 45 minutes non-stop.

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  1. The 8 GB RAM offered by the HP Pavilion 17-f010na is impressive. The 1TB hard drive offers more space than I would ever fill when you consider all the cloud storage services and external hard drives available, but is nonetheless an excellent feature. I also appreciate the CD, DVD and Blu-ray drive. It is nice to be able to play all your media on this machine.
    I have been using HP PCs and laptops exclusively for several years now and I have never had any issues with them whatsoever. The HP laptop I have now is over 3 years old and still going strong.

  2. A well written review. HP is one of the best laptop companies and their laptops are great for lots of purposes. This laptop packs a powerful processor along with 8GB of RAM with a huge 1TB of storage and includes a Windows 8.1 license. Students and professionals would find this laptop excellent for projects as well as multimedia. Intel HD Graphics can output great visuals while consuming less power. Intel HD Graphics can also run a few games like GRID 2 at very good resolution and detailing.

  3. Great review. The fact that this laptop has an i5 Haswell chip in it and 8GB RAM gives it a mighty start off the bat. 1TB of storage would also be useful, as 500GB tends to run out quick. It’s certainly a very capable machines, and it would more than likely be able to run most programs and games that laptop users would run thanks to the inbuilt Intel HD Graphics. Not only that, but you have superior Beats Audio speakers and a touchscreen to top it off.

  4. I love the hp pavilion series they are always on the pinnacle of laptop technology, and this one is no exception. Since it has the new i5 processor in it I know from the start it is going to have excellent performance. The 8 gb of Ram is great for multitasking applications because my old laptop had 4gb and I was limited to running 2-3 applications at once. Glad to see that they through in the 1tb hard drive so consumers won’t have to worry about the space getting used up quickly.

  5. Many people consider HP a “low level” brand for laptops, but they would be wrong. I agree with this review, HP has made a ton of great laptops, I myself am an HP customer. This one looks amazing and I will recommend it to my friends based on your review. 8 GB Ram + 1 TB disk space with a 17″ screen? Golly, I love it.

  6. Great review. I honestly am an HP girl, have been using HP laptops for as long as I can remember and not once have I been disappointed. I find them so easy and fun to to use!

  7. So, one of my teachers used to work for HP and they gave him a laptop that looks like this as a bonus of sorts. From what I’ve seen, he’s never had a problem hooking the laptop to our projector, so there’s that…

    It IS pretty hard to pass up 8gb of ram and 1TB of storage for that price, I gotta say.

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