Best Gaming Laptops Under $500


Gaming laptops can get quite expensive but they don’t have to be. Contrary to popular belief it’s completely possible to get a pretty good gaming laptop for less than $500. The computers on this list don’t sacrifice durability or battery life to give you a quality gaming experience you can actually afford.

If you’re looking for a gaming laptop under $500 stick with one of these models:

  1. Lenovo G50-70


This sleek black laptop features an Intel i5 core processor, DVD drive with dedicated AMD graphics and a beautiful 15.6 inch screen with stunning HD visuals. It also comes with an excellent stereo speaker system that will blow your old laptop’s sound away.

If you’re looking for something you can play new games on or happily watch the latest movies on you’ll love the Lenovo G50-70’s Radeon R5 graphics card with 2GB of its own memory. You’ll also have room for all the games and other media you want with this computer’s 1 terrabyte hard drive.

Typically the Lenovo G50-70 goes for exactly $500 new but it is well worth the cost and you can often get a gently used one for as low as $300.

  1. Asus X Series


Asus is one of the most well respected companies producing affordable computers and the X series laptop really showcases what this company has to offer. It comes with an Intel i5 core processor, an Intel HD graphics card, 6GB of RAM and a 1 terrabyte hard drive so you can fit all of your family’s music on the laptop as well as your own music, games and movies.

A USB 3.0 system allows for data transfers to process at 3 times the speed of a regular USB system. The X series laptop also has a large and highly sensitive trackpad programmed to instantly recognize a number of different movements. The large one piece keyboard makes for a wonderfully comfortable typing experience you’ll love for as long as you have this laptop.

The Asus X Series laptop is usually sold for around $370. A gently used one will usually only cost $350.

  1. Acer TravelMate P276


The Acer TravelMate P276 is designed to be perfect for watching movies or playing video games on the train or a flight with its 17.3″ screen and dedicated NVIDIA GT 710M graphics card.

The hard drive isn’t huge by today’s standards—500 GB instead of a full terabyte—but it’s certainly big enough for most users. You also won’t be sacrificing processing power when you purchase this affordable machine as it features an Intel i5 Dual Core Processor.

Sold at $450, the Acer TravelMate is the perfect example of a high quality gaming laptop a regular person can actually afford.

  1. Acer Aspire V3


The original Acer Aspire was a purely functional laptop but version 3 has seen some serious upgrades including a NVIDIA GT 820M graphics card with 2GB of dedicated memory. It also features 8GB of RAM and an 8GB SSD+1000GB hybrid hard drive.

Sold for anywhere between $450 and $500, the Acer Aspire V3 might not be quite as elegant a gaming laptop as the Lenovo G50-70 but it comes quite close and provides an excellent all-around computing experience.

Still not sure which laptop to buy? It’s always a good idea to read as many reviews as possible of a given laptop before you actually purchase one. Even cheap gaming laptops are still a major investment and you should be sure about what you want before you buy one. You can also ask your fellow gamers what they use or would recommend.

Whatever you do, make sure your next laptop purchase is an informed decision.

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